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Look, This Is Simply 17 Good Jokes Trevor Noah Has Told On "The Daily Show"

"He didn't fire Jeff Sessions. He just said 'Rumpelstiltskin' and then the curse was broken."

1. When he gave us a fun fact about history.

Noah says, "The First Lady, it's not a job that's actually in the Constitution, but that's just because, in 1787, women hadn't been invented yet"

2. When he talked about how long ago 1999 was.

Noah says, "He's actually been in Congress since 1999, yeah, that was so long ago, Britney Spears hadn't even done it again yet, yeah, she'd only done it one time, and remember, we all thought that would be the only time, we were so naive back then"

3. When he saw a movie idea right in front of him.

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4. When he got into Mitch McConnell's mind.

5. When he explained Melania Trump's success.

Noah says, "Melania cared about stopping cyberbullies, and say what you want, but her agenda got done," and then we see Donald Trump's suspended twitter account page

6. When he talked about then-recently-fired White House Special Counsel Ty Cobb.

Next to a picture of a man who looks like Santa, Noah says, "You know shit must be brewing if a guy who looks like Ty Cobb is bailing, like do you know what it takes to scare a guy who had cholera during the Spanish-American War"

7. When there was just no way for him to protest for Tomi Lahren.

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8. When he discussed the lack of pharmacies in many predominantly Black neighborhoods.

Noah says, "There are so few pharmacies that I'm surprised Republicans haven't made them voting locations"

9. When he burned Ted Cruz.

10. When he burned Ted Cruz again while discussing a Russian ship that got extremely close to colliding with an American one.

Noah says, "Do you know how big the ocean is, you have to really go out of your way to collide with someone, it's like walking into someone at Ted Cruz's birthday party, there's no one else there, you did it on purpose"

11. When he perfectly addressed this congressional hypocrisy.

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12. When he succinctly explained why the idea that we shouldn't teach children about the history of slavery in this country is wrong.

13. When he couldn't believe Donald Trump's disregard for his wife's birthday.

Noah says, "I can't believe that Donald didn't get Melania anything for her birthday, now she might think he's not a very good husband"

14. When he said the US was indeed being run like a business.

15. When he talked about Trump firing Jeff Sessions.

Noah says, "That's not fair to President Trump, alright, he didn't fire Jeff Sessions, he just said 'Rumpelstiltskin' and then the curse was broken"

16. When he assessed Fox News' reading of a very clear situation.

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17. And when he talked about an Olympics official saying women make meetings run long because women talk too much.

Noah says, "Meetings can go longer when women are in them, I know, I know, but hear me out, because every time a woman gives an idea, a man repeats the idea a minute later, so it doubles the meeting time, you're killing us, ladies"