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    I Just Watched Episode 2 Of "The Falcon And The Winter Soldier" As A Casual Marvel Fan, And I Had Some Thoughts

    28. "Tell him the guy from the bar in Goyang is here. He's gonna know what that means." I should hope so, it's very clear.

    Hello! Welcome to week two of my thoughts watching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as a casual, stranger-to-the-comics, far-from-an-expert Marvel movie fan.

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    So you know, I will continue to call the main characters by the actors' names, because that is how my brain sees them.

    Let's get into Episode 2, "The Star-Spangled Man."

    1. Okay, I'm assuming this guy is Fake Captain America, but I feel like he has an entirely different face.

    Fake Captain America looking at a locker
    Marvel Studios

    2. "I've been a captain before, obviously, but this is different." Umm, YEAH.

    3. Lol. This guy is veeeery explicitly clear about his insecurity/what makes him likable. I know the person he's talking to is presumably his partner, but still, lol.

    4. I wonder what his role as Captain America is supposed to be. Like, on a day-to-day basis, is he catching baddies?

    5. "Two weeks ago, we were prepping the team for a special ops mission in Chile, and now this." Thank you, expository friend.

    6. Why would people be on board with this guy being Captain America? Does he have superpowers? 'Cause that's really the whole thing, other than the symbol nonsense we're gonna hear so much about.

    7. This very well-acted Good Morning America interview is a very well done way for us to get Fake Captain America's backstory.

    8. "I followed his career very closely as an Avenger, and I like to think that I modeled my work after his." Hahahahahaha. Just laughed out loud. What does any of that mean in practice?

    9. Yeah, if I'm Sebastian Stan, I'm very angry right now.

    10. Oh wow, Sebastian Stan is here talking to Anthony Mackie! I assumed their reunion would be a big shiny moment.

    11. Why did Anthony Mackie have that photo of the baddie ready to go on his phone? He took his phone out of his pocket, and boom, the picture's right there.

    12. They're talking about "Redwing" as if it's a character,'s a part of Anthony Mackie's suit, right?

    13. I guess they do fight androids, aliens, or wizards, but it's mostly the first two. I mean, at one point there's literally a person in a computer — my favorite Marvel thing ever, because it's so logistically wild and it's never addressed again.

    14. Sebastian Stan NAILED, "I read The Hobbit, in 1937, when it first came out."

    15. Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie are now in a plane over Munich, staring at each other in silence. We have to assume they've been like this the entire journey to Germany. Eight-plus hours of silent staring.

    Sebastian San and Anthony Mackie sitting on a cargo plane
    Marvel Studios

    16. Why is the government/military okay with Sebastian Stan tagging along?

    17. I'm sorry, Sebastian Stan is JUMPING??? He's jumping out of a plane with nothing but an outfit. OMG.

    18. Aaaaaand it's fight scene time. Ugh, here we go.

    19. Why does the driver of the truck behind the one Sebastian Stan broke into not do anything?

    20. They're stealing vaccines??? Too real. Don't need to hear about vaccines.

    21. That's great, Fake Captain America just showed up. Lovely.

    22. So all these evil Red Hand People essentially have Captain America's superpowers? I don't know how I feel about that, because it's potentially a slippery slope into everyone in this world having superpowers, which I would not enjoy.

    23. Only Fake Captain America and Friend have been tasked with keeping everything stable across the world? That is too big of a job.

    24. "Battlestar?" Nah. I'm with Sebastian Stan, I would get out of the car.

    25. I wonder where the Red Hand People parked the big trucks.

    26. Lol, some exposition from Anthony Mackie about past shield-stealing consequences.

    27. The "Black Falcon" exchange was great.

    28. "Tell him the guy from the bar in Goyang is here. He's gonna know what that means." I should hope so, it's very clear.

    29. Why is Isaiah not freaking out over the fact that this guy he fought in 1951 is currently in his late thirties? It makes me think Sebastian Stan is famous in this world, but nothing else has indicated that.

    30. Yeah, so multiple people have Captain America's exact superpowers, I guess. Huh. Don't love that.

    A box Isaiah throws ticks into the wall
    Marvel Studios

    31. Poor Isaiah, my god.

    32. Wow, we're getting into racism and the treatment of Black superheroes in different eras. That's awesome. Why is that not this whole show?

    33. I don't think a therapist can say, "I've heard a lot about you," because she's really saying, "Sebastian Stan, my client, has talked about you."

    34. Where does Fake Captain America rank in the military/government?

    35. I know people are obsessed with it, but the whole reluctant duo vibe between Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan doesn't do it for me. It feels so fake.

    36. Yeah, I'm not into this little therapy comedy scene.

    37. I hate it less than I thought I would, though.

    38. Hahahaha. Sebastian Stan got to, "And if he was wrong about you, then he was wrong about me" soooo quickly. That's hilarious.

    39. I don't like Fake Captain America even though he's done nothing to warrant that. There's simply something off about his vibe.

    40. They would never call the Red Hand People Leader by their first name if the Leader were a man. But no, it's "Karli." That fills me with rage.

    41. If you had one world, one people, to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it, or just let it slip?

    42. I really wish these Red Hand People didn't have superpowers.

    43. "We're gonna go see Zemo." What? Who the hell is Zemo?

    44. Oh, Daniel Brühl! Yes, I heard he was gonna be in this! He was in the Civil War movie. Was his name Zemo? I feel like I'd definitely remember that. I saw that movie fairly recently.

    45. Lol. I just Wikipedia'd it and his name is Helmut Zemo. Those parents did not do him any favors.

    "Hi, I'm Helmut Zemo" written next to Daniel Brühl in the episode
    Marvel Studios

    That's it for Episode 2! My main takeaway: I'm liking the show more, but I wish it were only the interpersonal stuff. I don't really care about the Red Hand People.

    Marvel Studios / Via

    See you next week, androids, aliens, and wizards.

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