19 Sitcom Mistakes And Inconsistencies That Get On People's Nerves

    From Friends continuity errors to Lily's age on Modern Family making no sense.

    We've asked the BuzzFeed Community a few times — like here and here — to tell us the TV inconsistency that really gets on their nerves. Here are 19 of the responses people have said about sitcoms.

    **Warning: Some spoilers lie ahead!**

    1. "Ross has two different birthdays on Friends."

    In Season 4, Ross says, "Mine's December—" and in Season 8, he says "October 18th"

    2. "There's an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine where Amy sneaks into Holt's bedroom to see what he and Kevin have DVR'd. But later, Holt says he doesn't have a TV in his bedroom."

    In Season 1, Amy's in Holt's bedroom and says, "Alright, you DVR, tell me the Captain's secrets and unveil yourself to me," but in Season 2 Holt says, "I know they say it's not good to have a TV in your bedroom, which is why I don't"

    3. Norm's hand on Cheers goes from resting off the counter to resting on his glass.

    On "Cheers", Norm's hand isn't on his glass, but in the next shot it is

    4. "In Season 2 of New Girl, Robby is described as boring. Then, in Season 6, he’s like the most interesting man in the universe."

    In Season 2, Robby says, "I don't like music, what's up with me, you know," then in season 6, Jess asks him, "Is that a gold record on your wall," and he says, "Oh yeah, I played bass on a Santana album"

    5. "Pam's mom changes on The Office."

    Pam's mom in Season 2 and an entirely different actor playing Pam's mom in Season 6

    6. "In the first episode of Friends, Phoebe says she pulled out four eyelashes, but when we cut to Paul reacting to that comment, Phoebe is sitting on the chair behind him...."

    Phoebe is standing and says to Rachel, "Ooh, I just pulled out four eyelashes, that can't be good," then when Paul reacts, Phoebe is sitting behind him

    7. "Dorothy from The Golden Girls married Stan because she was pregnant. She was married for 38 years, but somehow her kids are in their early twenties."

    In Season 1, Dorothy says, "My father told Stan that he had to marry me, I was pregnant...Rose, he left me 38 years later," but in Season 2, Dorothy's son says, "Well, college isn't really my style, I attend the school of life."

    8. "Judy Winslow was a main character on Family Matters for several years, and then she just disappeared, like she never even existed."

    In the Season 1 "Family Matters" theme song, Judy Winslow is present, but she's not in the Season 6 theme song

    9. "On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake can't do a single pull-up for the FBI break in, but he does pull-ups in the stakeout with Boyle."

    In Season 2, Jake does a pull-up, but in Season 3 he is hanging and says, "Use my muscles, oh great, why didn't I think of that, great advice, Terry"

    10. "In M*A*S*H, Col. Blake refers to his wife as Mildred, but later her name is Lorraine."

    In Season 1, Henry says, "Listen, tell Mildred — Mrs Blake, that her husband Henry loves her very much," but in Season 2 Henry says, "Oh for Pete's sake, why did Lorraine tack that on"

    11. "In the New Girl episode where Jess tries to help Nick and Schmidt work together, she has red nail polish on one second, and the very next second, she has no nail polish on."

    Jess with nail polish in one shot and no nail polish in another

    12. "Moira in Schitt’s Creek auditions for The Crows Have Eyes 2 and brags about it being a sequel. When she starts working on it, it becomes The Crows Have Eyes 3: the Crowening."

    In Season 3, Moira reads an email out loud that says, "Respected ornithologist Doctor Clara Mandrake, in the psychological thriller, 'The Crows Have Eyes 2,'" then Season 5, she's playing Doctor Clara Mandrake in "The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening"

    13. "On Friends, the guys really love Die Hard, but Bruce Willis plays Ross's girlfriend's dad."

    In Season 6 Bruce Willis's character on "Friends" says, "I usually prefer Liz's boyfriends to address me as Mister Stevens," then in Season 7 Chandler says, "'Die Hard,' still great"

    14. On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Geoffrey's glass magically refills itself.

    The glass on Geoffrey's tray is pretty empty, then it's pretty full

    15. "In the pilot of The Office, Michael says he's been with Dunder Mifflin for 12 years. Five years later, it's his 15th anniversary with the company."

    In Season 1, Michael says, "I've been at Dunder Mifflin for twelve years" and in Season 5 he says, "You have no right to cancel my fifteenth anniversary party"

    16. "On Boy Meets World, the door in the school hallway is a bathroom, Feeny's office, the custodian's closet, a classroom, etc."

    The same door is a boys' bathroom, the principal's office, and the custodian's closet

    17. "Modern Family Season 9 drives me nuts! In the same season, we see Jay and Gloria celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary...and we learn that Lily is now 12 years old! How is that possible? By that timeline, she should be 9 or 10 at the most!"

    On "Modern Family", Jay says to Gloria, "These have been the best 10 years of my life," but in the same episode, Lily is way too old for that to make sense

    18. "In a Season 9 Friends episode, Joey goes to Monica's fridge to steal drinks. He shuts the door holding certain cans, it cuts to Monica, then it cuts back to Joey and the drinks are different. Then they change again! It's so painfully obvious."

    Joey is holding juice in his left hand, then he's got Coke in his left hand

    19. And finally, a few times in Bewitched, Samantha easily freezes time, but she doesn't use this power to fix stuff in the majority of the episodes. She doesn't even mention it. It would really solve a lot of the conflicts.

    Note: Not all submissions are from Community users, and those that are have been edited for length and clarity.