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    19 Times Seth Meyers Was Hilarious And Perfect On "Weekend Update"

    When he and Amy Poehler did a "Really!?!" with Tina Fey.

    Anyone who's anyone knows that Seth Meyers was a great "Weekend Update" anchor on Saturday Night Live during his run from 2006 to early 2014. It was such a time to be alive.

    So here are 19 perfect SNL moments from when Seth Meyers hosted "Weekend Update."

    1. When a Times Square Elmo was arrested.

    Meyers says, A man who dresses as Elmo in Times Square was arrested after allegedly going on an antisemitic rant, though what's most shocking about this story is that there are people in those costumes and not a hundred rats working together

    2. When this Stefon segment happened.

    View this video on YouTube / NBC / Saturday Night Live

    3. And this segment.

    View this video on YouTube / NBC / Saturday Night Live

    4. When Channing Tatum was Sexiest Man Alive.

    Meyers says, People Magazine has named Channing Tatum as this year's Sexiest Man Alive, for more on this story, give your aunt wine

    5. When he talked about Pope Francis.

    Meyers says, Catholics who drifted away in recent years because they felt leadership was out of touch have been come due to Pope Francis, who many see as grounded, then he says, I think it's the Chucks next to a picture of the Pope wearing red Converse

    6. Also when this Stefon moment happened.

    7. When there was a new survey ranking American airports.

    Meyers says, A new survey ranked Portland International Airport as the best in the country, while New York's LaGuardia was ranked the worst, not even the worst airport, just the worst

    8. When Taran Killam's flawless, underrated, and rarely seen critic character Jebidiah Atkinson discussed some Christmas movies.

    Taram Killam's charcter Jebidiah Atkinson says, Christmas Carol, more like Ebenezer Snooze, there is total silence from the audience Meyers laughs really hard and then takes the card Killam was holding and rips up the joke

    9. When Guinness named Floyd "Creeky" Creekmore as the world's oldest performing clown.

    Meyers says, Floyd Creeky Creekmore, a 95 year old clown, was named by Guinness as the world's oldest performing clown, Creeky says the decision to keep performing at his advanced age is the best way to fulfill his dream of dying in front of children

    10. When it was revealed that James Bond was going to drink a Heineken.

    Meyers says, As part of a product placement deal, in the new James Bond movie Daniel Craig will drink a Heineken instead of Bond's traditional martini, even worse, the new Bond villain will be named Doctor Google Von TurboTax

    11. Whenever he did a "Really!?!" – especially with Amy Poehler.

    View this video on YouTube / NBC / Saturday Night Live

    12. And that time he and Poehler did a "Really!?!" with Tina Fey.

    View this video on YouTube / NBC / Saturday Night Live

    13. When Ann Romney responded to criticism of her husband's presidential campaign.

    Meyers says, In an interview Thursday, Ann Romney responded to criticism of her husband's presidential campaign, saying, you wanna try it, get in the ring, in response, the interviewer entered the race and is leading Mitt Romney by five points

    14. Oh, and this Stefon segment.

    View this video on YouTube / NBC / Saturday Night Live

    15. When the subway was flooded.

    Meyers says, New York City officials are saying that the city's flooded subway system may be running at full capacity sometime next week which would be amazing, since it never has before

    16. When there was aviation news.

    Meyers says, In aviation news, the FAA is considering banning airline pilots from using personal mobile devices in the cockpit, to prevent them from being distracted while flying, and in terrifying news, they haven't already done that

    17. When this blooper happened — I wouldn't include a moment that's only from the show's dress rehearsal if it weren't so good!

    Meyers says, 15000 people assembled the world's biggest jigsaw, its even more impressive because it was mostly sky, basically no one laughs, Meyers says, I can't read audiences, what did you think, Leave a note, and Amy Poehler passes a note that says Boo

    18. So I must include this one as well.

    Meyers says, Milton Parker, who turned Carnegie Deli into a New York tourist hotspot, died at 90, 90, 90, 91, basically no one laughs, Meyers says, a deli joke about a dead person, that I will do once, just now, thank you for sharing my terrible decision

    19. And finally, when he and Stefon got married.

    View this video on YouTube / NBC / Saturday Night Live

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