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18 Rom-Coms With Brilliant Details You've Never Ever Noticed

For Enchanted, James Marsden was actually hit by bicycles.

1. "One minute into Crazy, Stupid, Love., you can see Hannah (Emma Stone) in a family picture."

Babysitter Jessica and the daughter near family photos, one of which has Emma Stone's character in it

Here's a lighter close-up of the photo.

2. "At the beginning of You've Got Mail, Meg Ryan buys flowers from a pregnant-looking florist. Later in the movie, the florist has an 'It's a girl!' sign."

The woman being pregnant and then later the It's a girl sign

3. For Enchanted, James Marsden was hit by bicycles.

4. "In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the actors were told to not blink to give the film more of a comic book vibe. There are only a few times in the entire movie where you can catch someone blinking."

Ramona and Scott not blinking

5. "In Trainwreck, the crown of LeBron James' watch is pulled out. That way it shows the same time throughout extended shooting."

LeBron James wearing a watch without hands

6. "In 10 Things I Hate About You, the first person quickly rushing through the door at Bogey Lowenstein’s party is in fact Nigel with the brie."

The party host saying, That must be Nigel with the brie, and then Nigel walking in in front of the partiers, holding brie

7. "In Palm Springs, Nyles is drinking 'Akupara' beer. In Sanskrit, Akupara means 'unlimited, unbounded,' and in Hinduism, it's the name of a tortoise described as 'one who is without death.'"

8. "In Friends With Benefits, directed by Will Gluck, a person is holding a sign for O. Penderghast at the airport, which is a nod to the main character of Easy A, Olive Penderghast. Easy A was also directed by Will Gluck."

Someone at the airport holding an O Penderghast song

9. Meg Ryan genuinely laughs in When Harry Met Sally...

Also, Nora Ephron, the legend who wrote When Harry Met Sally..., based Harry on Rob Reiner, the legend who directed When Harry Met Sally...

10. "In A Cinderella Story, the license plate says '2SAM,' which foreshadows Sam's father's will that is later found in the movie, giving her the rights to everything. At the end of the movie, Sam sells that car to help pay for college."

The license plate says 2 S A M 5 6 4

11. "In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, during Scott's call with Envy, we can see photos of her breaking up with him in the background. The fact that he still keeps these photos shows his inability to move on."

Scott in front of pictures of him and Envy in a photo booth, and in some of them she leaves him, which he does not realize until she's out of the frame

Here's a brighter close-up of the photos.

12. The Soup Nazi from Seinfeld is referenced in Sleepless in Seattle, kind of.

13. "In Groundhog Day, there is a scene in a hospital where in the background you can see a young boy with a broken leg. This is the boy that Phil (Bill Murray) later saves from falling."

14. "In Palm Springs, Sarah contacts a physicist named Clifford Johnson. He's actually a real scientist who worked on the movie and helped the filmmakers come up with an original premise for a time-loop story."

Clifford Johnson on the computer screen

15. "In Pretty Woman, the opera Richard Gere takes Julia Roberts to is La Traviata, which is about a sex worker who falls in love with a wealthy man."

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Touchstone Pictures

16. The opening montage in Love Actually is real footage.

17. "In Notting Hill, the wedding cake in the final scene has a violin-playing goat. This is a reference to the painting that both Anna and Will own. 'Happiness isn't happiness without a violin-playing goat.'"

A goat playing violin on a wedding cake

18. "In Enchanted, the law firm that Robert works for is called 'Churchill, Harline, and Smith.' It was named after the songwriters of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

The sign for the law firm

19. "In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Todd Ingram punched a hole in the moon to express his love for Ramona during the latter's flashback sequence. You can see the crater in the moon throughout the movie, whenever the moon appears in the night sky."

20. "In To All the Boys: Always and Forever, X-Men: Apocalypse is on Peter’s 'favorite movies' list. Lana Condor (Lara Jean Covey) played Jubilee in that movie."

Lara Jean writing on a list of movies

21. "In Sleepless in Seattle, there is a box of chocolate with a silhouette of a couple that looks exactly like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan."

A chocolate box with a design that looks just like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan

22. "In 10 Things I Hate About You, Mr. Chapin flinches when he tries to sit due to getting an arrow in his backside earlier in the day while teaching archery."

23. Cary Grant says his real name in His Girl Friday.

24. And, "In The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Paul Rudd wears a shirt with his photo on it. The photo came from the day they shot their work badges. The costumer printed it on a shirt on a whim and left it with the rest of Rudd’s wardrobe. When he saw it, he chose to wear it in this scene."

Paul Rudd wearing a shirt with his face on it

Note: Quotes have been edited for length and/or clarity.