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    People Are Sharing The Movies They Could Watch A Million Times, And I'm Embarrassed I Haven't Seen All Of Them

    I could also watch Clue endlessly.

    We all have those movies we could watch a billion times and never get bored with (hello, Mean Girls), so it makes sense that Reddit user u/jonaman0802 would ask, "What movie do you never mind watching?"

    Here are 15 of the responses:

    1. "The Princess Bride. It's just a fun movie that anyone can watch."

    2. "Hot Fuzz."

    3. "The Martian. It’s just so entertaining."

    4. "Top Gun. Ever since I was a kid, I would catch it at any point in the movie and be able to rewatch."

    5. "Clue. I know many people don't care for it, but it is one of my favorite films."

    6. "Galaxy Quest. The best Star Trek movie made."

    7. "Office Space. There are tons of movies that I love and rewatch quite a bit, but I will always sit down and enjoy Office Space if it’s on."

    8. "Thor: Ragnarok."

    9. "Blazing Saddles. I know this movie is older than most of you whippersnappers, but still."

    10. "The Mummy with Brendan Fraser. It's so quotable, funny, and exciting!"

    11. "My Cousin Vinny. Always brings me joy and laughs."

    12. "The Matrix. It's just so good."

    13. "Knives Out. Such a fun movie, and you can find new details every time you watch."

    14. "The Wedding Singer is one of my favorite comedies. It’s easy to watch, great soundtrack, and genuinely hilarious."

    15. And, of course, "Shaun of the Dead. Such a classic."

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.