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What's A Movie Moment That Doesn't Make Any Sense Now That You're Older?

What even was the musical everyone was auditioning for in High School Musical?

I've always loved me a movie. But sometimes when I rewatch a movie I loved as a young'un I see something that doesn't add up.

Like, how did Troy not notice his teammates were obviously filming him in High School Musical?

While his teammates put up a very obvious webcam in front of him, Troy says "I'm for the team, I've always been for the team, she's just someone I met"

So what's something in a movie you saw as a kid that makes zero sense now that you're older?

Maybe you were 26 when you first asked yourself, why did Buzz Lightyear freeze when Andy was playing if he didn't think he was a toy?

Buzz Lightyear laying still on the ground while Andy plays with his toys

Or maybe you watched A Cinderella Story for the first time in a decade and realized Austin totally should have recognized Sam in that flimsy mask.

Or maybe the simple fact that Ariel's hair was perfect even though she was surrounded by water gets on your nerves after you watched The Little Mermaid with your kids.

Ariel leaning on a cliff, surrounded by a wave, with perfect hair

Let me know the movie moment that doesn't make sense to you now in the comments below! Some of the responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.