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    People Are Sharing The Movie Endings They Despise, And I May Not Agree But I Understand

    "The only thing I remember about the movie is the ending."

    Last month, I made an award-nominated post* about movie endings people truly hated. Unsurprisingly, the comments were full of even more despised endings, so I decided to make a second iteration of the crap climaxes saga.

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    *It was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Television Series — Drama.

    Here are 15 of the comments.

    WARNING: Spoilers lie ahead.

    1. "The Proposal. There is no way Ryan Reynolds's character should have ended up with Sandra Bullock's. She should have done the right thing and let him and his ex get together, and she should have accepted going back to Canada. But the two main characters just had to have the cliché ending."

    Margaret and Andrew from "The Proposal" looking uncomfortable
    Touchstone Pictures

    2. "The ending of Split pissed me off. When he turned into that monster, I was like, 'I thought this movie was supposed to be set in reality, not some sci-fi bullshit.'"

    James McAvoy talking in "Split"
    Universal Pictures

    3. "I recently watched the Disney movie Soul and while I did like it (mostly), I found the end to be underwhelming and not creative. Sure, he might have done something difficult and amazing, but I don’t think that should let you skive off death!"

    Joe smiling in "Soul"
    Walt Disney Pictures

    "It would have been more heartwarming if he had accepted death in the end instead of getting another chance. The movie was good but the ending was not what I would have done."


    4. "For me, it was Eyes Wide Shut! It makes little sense, it's a cop-out, and it doesn't drive the point home at all."

    Alice looking annoyed in "Eyes Wide Shut"
    Warner Bros.

    5. "I Am Legend was the WORST movie ending! The zombies get him AFTER he puts the kid in the chimney-thing with a blood vial and no plan to escape, and then the camera pans to a weird utopia in Vermont? WTF."

    Robert looking worried in "I Am Legend"
    Warner Bros.

    6. "I just re-watched My Fair Lady and I forgot how much the ending makes me want to throw my laptop out the window. The guy treats Audrey Hepburn's character like dirt the whole movie. Even though she calls him out repeatedly, he calls her stupid and ungrateful; he gaslights her; he has a whole song about how women are gobby, useless, idiotic creatures (not to even get into the double standards of them dubbing Audrey Hepburn's vocals but letting Rex Harrison just talk all his songs because he couldn't sing); and then in the final minute, SHE GOES BACK TO HIM."

    Eliza Doolittle talking in "My Fair Lady"
    Warner Bros.

    "I know it's based on an older play, and I know it's 'of its time' but my god, if it weren't for Audrey Hepburn, the bops, and the costumes, I'd never want to watch it again."


    7. "I remember being PISSSSSSED at the end of Remember Me with Robert Pattinson. The only thing I remember about the movie is the ending."

    Tyler smiling in "Remember Me"
    Summit Entertainment

    8. "Last Christmas. The ending was ruined by the audience, who caught the twist in the trailer."

    Tom and Kate grinning in "Last Christmas"
    Universal Pictures

    9. "I Care a Lot. Wonderful movie, if a bit wild in the third act. But UTTERLY RUINED by the final 60 seconds."

    Marla wearing sunglasses and smiling in "I Care a Lot"
    Black Bear Pictures

    10. "The Disney movie Teen Beach 2. OMG. I loved the first one and the second was so great until right at the end. They went through all of that to just not even remember it or each other? Fucking hated it."

    Brady, Tanner, Lela, and Mack posing in "Teen Beach 2"
    Disney Channel

    11. "The Hunger Games. It was so soppy and nothing like Katniss’s character. It pissed me off for days!"

    Katniss on the screen in District 12 in "The Hunger Games"

    12. "Inferno. Wonderful book ending, terrible movie ending. It’s like they didn’t want to put ideas in people's heads so they tied it up with a bow and made Langdon look like the hero yet again."

    Robert Langdon and Sienna Brooks inspecting something in a church in "Inferno"
    Columbia Pictures

    13. "I will forever hate the ending of The Devil Wears Prada. Andy was at the peak of her career. It should’ve ended with the iconic phrase but instead, she quits and gets back with her boyfriend (who was the true villain BTW)???"

    Miranda Priestly looking annoyed in "The Devil Wears Prada"
    Fox 2000 Pictures

    14. "The end of Glass. Specifically Bruce Willis's character’s ending. Loved that movie up to that last big scene."

    David Dunn glaring in "Glass"
    Buena Vista International


    15. And, "Mine is definitely La La Land. I loved the movie but the ending really upset me. I know it’s supposed to represent how sometimes things with people don’t work out but I don’t watch movies to be reminded of the real world. I watch movies to be happy with happy endings."

    Sebastian and Mia from "La La Land" walking on a bridge
    Summit Entertainment

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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