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    18 Times Mothers Gave Their Daughters Outstanding Advice

    "No one can tell you your feelings are wrong."

    We recently asked the daughters of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best advice their mothers had given them. Here are some of the best responses.

    1. "If you worry and stress over things that you have no control over, you'll only suffer twice."

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    "It is tough to apply to life but I do my best, and as an adult I remind her of it whenever she's stressed or worried about something. She gives me this droll, sardonic smile of hers that I've always loved and says, 'Someone very wise must have told you that.'"


    2. "My mom told me that if I go to a professor's office hours for help, they'd get to know me and be more willing to boost my grade if the time came. I rolled my eyes at the time, but she was 100% correct."

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    3. "When you’re in a fitting room trying on clothes, stand up straight with your arms by your side — this is how the rest of the world will see you in these clothes."

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    "This really helped me understand why I’d feel so good trying something on but then see a picture of myself wearing the same item and hate the way it looked on me."


    4. "Don't let men interrupt you."

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    5. "No one can tell you your feelings are wrong. If you’re mad about something, no one can tell you to feel differently because they’re your feelings and not theirs."

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    6. "When I was stressing about my exam preparation she told me, 'Don't let perfect get in the way of good.' That's now basically my life motto."

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    7. "She told me to stop plucking my eyebrows so much because they wouldn’t grow back. She was right. She was always right."

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    8. "My ex-boyfriend cheated on me and I was absolutely heartbroken. One night, I was telling my mom I didn't think I could ever love like that again because I was so scared of getting hurt. She said, 'Each love is different, and each love is wonderful in its own way. Love is exciting and beautiful every time it comes into our lives.'"

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    "It made me realize that there's still so much out there to look forward to, beyond one failed relationship. I don't need to be looking for a replacement, just something that makes me happy."


    9. "If they didn't invite you, don't ask to go."

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    10. "As much as you’re able and healthy, make sure you can look after and rely on yourself."

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    11. "My mom was an Assistant District Attorney in New York City for 20+ years and when she was there, it was very much a boy’s club. They thought she would get squeamish at crime scenes. She told me, 'People will always underestimate you but that's their mistake,' and, 'You should act like you belong because you do.'”

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    12. "You don't have to stay married."

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    13. "If you don't know what you're doing, stop and ask for help."

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    14. "When hugging someone, don’t be the first to let go. You don’t know how much they need it."

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    15. "Don't trust someone without a vice."

    A mother and a daughter glaring at someone
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    "Don't believe anyone who says they don't have a guilty pleasure, because they're human and therefore lying, so they're either not comfortable enough with themselves to admit it or they're hiding something suspect."


    16. "Don’t smoke, don’t sunbathe, only drink red wine, and wear a proper fitted bra."

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    17. "You don’t get if you don’t ask."

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    18. And, "One day in middle school, when I was having a really rough time with depression, my mom and I had just gotten back from grocery shopping and I accidentally dropped the eggs on the kitchen floor. I was sobbing on the floor picking the broken eggs up. My mom told me to go take a calming, warm shower. When I came out she was making French toast from the broken eggs that had stayed in the container. She said, 'There’s always good to come out of the bad.'"

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.