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    The 100% Official "Love Island UK" Phrase Book

    The Ick: That feeling of cringey discomfort you get around someone you used to fancy a bit, but now you're like, gaaaah no.

    In honor of the new series of Love Island starting Monday, June 28 — which I could not be more excited for — here's an official* list of classic Love Island-isms.

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    *This is in no way official. I'm just a girl, standing in front of a show, asking it to entertain her.

    Disclaimer: I mean no harm or hate to any Love Island contestant. Each one has given me absolute candy-like entertainment. Please do not add to online hate in this comment section. Who needs that?

    1. At the End of the Day

    Jess from Series 1 says, "You piss me off, but, at the end of the day, I was just like, do you know what, like, obviously, we have a laugh and I do find you attractive"

    Definition: A phrase meaning "ultimately" that shouldn't be used nearly as much as it is.

    2. Banter (sometimes "bants")

    Amber from Series 5 says, "I gave him a bit of banter and I don't think he can hack it"

    Definition: Repartee, sense of humor, or conversational abilities.

    Synonym: Great chat.

    3. A Bit of Me

    Dr. Alex says, "Ellie could be a bit of me; she could be a bit of me; I think it takes me time to say 100%, but I think there's a possibility"

    Definition: Someone you're attracted to.

    4. Blazin' Squad

    Marcel says, "When I was younger, I used to be in a band, do you remember a band called the Blazin' Squad"

    Definition: The band Marcel from Series 3 used to be in, not that he mentioned it or anything.

    5. Bombshell

    Wallace and Demi walking in

    Definition: A contestant who enters Love Island after the initial group.

    6. The Breakfast Club

    Finn says, "Avocado or avocada," and Luke T says, "Ah, there we go"

    Definition: A group of boys in Series 6 that discussed their sexual activities in code for some, they explain the code, so what's the point of the code?

    Tomato/tomata: hand stuff.

    Avocado/avocada: oral.

    Bread or toast: p-in-v.

    7. Buzzing

    Max says, "I was absolutely buzzing"

    Definition: Extremely thrilled.

    8. Casa Amor

    ITV2 / Via

    Definition (from Series 3 on): 

    1. The second villa either the girls or the boys go to about halfway through every series. New people come to both villas, and it's all about whether you stay with your original person (for villa, see #62).

    2. The period of every series where people are at Casa Amor.

    9. Cash Hughes

    Chris and Olivia holding up Cash Hughes

    Definition: Chris and Olivia's baby from the parenting challenge in Series 3 (for challenge, see #11).

    10. A Certain Gigantic Bellend

    Johny says, "I would like to couple up with this girl because I wasn't given a lot of choice because of a certain gigantic bellend," People laugh and gasp, Theo says, "Why are you calling me a bellend," and Marcel physically gets between them

    Definition: Theo from Series 3, according to Jonny, during the greatest recoupling in Love Island history (for recoupling, see #57).

    11. Challenge

    A tent-building section in a challenge in Series 4 called "Love Fest"

    Definition: An official setup game the contestants play that almost never has any substantial consequences. Usually a challenge starts with them running to the little challenge area in slow motion, which is fun.

    12. Cheeky

    Siânnise says, "You're cheeky as well, like, you've just got this cheeky smile"

    Definition: It means fun and brash and cute, but they use "cheeky" so haphazardly that it's kind of lost all meaning.

    13. Could Be Happier

    Wes says, "I was this, this was me, I said, 'I'm not unhappy,' I was not unhappy, but I could've been happier"

    Definition: The type of happiness that's not big enough to stop you from ending things with who you're with in order to get with someone else.

    14. Couple

    The Series 2 finale couples

    Definition: Essentially the two-person team contestants are usually in. A couple shares a bed, competes in challenges as a unit, and can be up for elimination together. Love Island is won by a couple.

    15. Couple Up

    Paige says, "So the boy I want to couple up with is, Finn," and Finn walks to her

    Definition: Become (or remain in) a couple with someone during a Love Island recoupling (for recoupling, see #57).

    16. Congrats, Hun

    Shaughna says, "congrats, hun" and Callum and Molly look uncomfortable

    Definition: The best way to respond when someone you're seeing chooses to be with someone else, coined by Shaughna from Series 6.

    17. Crack On

    ITV2 / Via

    Definition: For two people to pursue each other romantically.

    Now you and I are free to crack on.

    18. Day Dot


    Definition: Day one. (It might mean very early on, but I'm 99% sure it means day one.)

    19. Declarations of Love

    Camilla says to a smiling Jamie, "At the time when you arrived in the villa, I thought my romantic journey on 'Love Island' was over, I truly believe there is not a single other person who could've walked through the door to make me change my mind"

    Definition: The speeches the final four couples say to each other at the Love Island prom (fancy small party) in the finale.

    20. Do Bits

    Wes says, "In order to join the Do-Bits Society, one must have done bits"

    Definition: Doing anything sexual with someone that's more than kissing and less than the full shebang.

    21. (Get) Dumped from the Island

    ITV2 / Via

    Definition: (Get) eliminated.

    Tonight, one girl and one boy will be dumped from the island.

    22. The Eagle

    A sign says, "My favorite sex position is The Eagle," the women try to figure out what that is, and then it's revealed to be Curtis's favorite sex position

    Definition: A sex position that no one in the world has heard of other than Curtis from Series 5.

    23. Eggs in Baskets (almost always "All my eggs in one basket")

    Gabby says, "As everyone likes to say in here, I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket"

    Definition: The degree to which you are devoted to one person.

    24. Factor 50

    Joe says, "Trust me, trust me, you don't want to put it on factor 50 like I did, bro," and Anton says, "I'm going factor freaking 60, I'm going ham, bro"

    Definition: Really, really, really try to woo a person.

    He's laying it on factor 50.

    25. Fanny Flutters

    Maura says, "My best friend back home and my mammy, they wanted me to set up a group chat, I named it fanny flutters"

    Definition: If you don't know, I can't help you. (Shoutout to the legend that is Maura.)

    26. Fuming

    Laura says, "If Megan did try anything with Wes, I would be absolutely fucking fuming"

    Definition: Super angry.

    27. Gaff

    Kem says, "Everyone doubted me, but I am the king of this gaff"

    Definition: House.

    My head's all over the gaff.

    28. Garlicio

    Olivia says, "We need garlic," and Chris says, "Garlicio, garlicio"

    Definition: Garlic in Spanish, according to Chris from Series 3. (Chris also held an eggplant and guessed it was a courgette or asparagus, he didn't know avocados had pits until he saw one and referred to it as a "massive fucking rock" and a "fucking conker," and he said he's like a polar bear but doesn't know why. I adore him.)

    29. Get to Know

    Siânnise says, "Just like obviously you were open to getting to know Rebecca and me; there's no reason why I can't be open to getting to know you and ummm..." Luke, smiling, says, "Precisely." Siânnise says, "Exactly," and they smile at each other amused

    Definition: Talk to someone with an intention of sussing out potential romance.

    30. Go for a Chat

    Mike says, "Jess, do you wanna go for a chat," and Jess says, "Yeah, you can lead the way, Mike"

    Definition: Speak with someone somewhere else, but in a non-platonic and kind of stilted way.

    I just wanted to go for a chat and see where your head's at.

    Synonyms: Can I pull you for a chat? Can I borrow you? (rare)

    31. Good Connection

    Nathan says, "I think me and Cara have got a good connection, so I'm not too worried about it whatsoever"

    Definition: A nice romantic vibe and/or dynamic.

    32. Hideaway

    ITV2 / Via

    Definition: The room (rooms in Series 1) where the contestants are sometimes allowed to go, almost always as a couple, for the purpose of getting away from everyone else. There are still cameras in there. People do lots of bits.

    However, the platonic GIF above is actually part of the wildest hideaway time ever. Let's just say Kady loses the plot.

    33. (I've) Got a Text!

    ITV2 / Via

    Definition: The common reaction to receiving a text from the Love Island puppet masters, shouted when done correctly.

    34. Graft

    Josh Denzel says, "My heart is going at about 550 miles an hour, and the girls have all the power, so, have I done enough grafting in the last, you know, 48 hours to know who may or may not pick me? That's the – that's the question"

    Definition: Try to woo someone in a flirty and often obvious way.

    35. (My/Your/Her/His/Their) Head's Been Turned

    Finn says, "I just knew within the first day that my head [wasn't] gonna turn"

    Definition: No longer being exclusively interested in the person (or people) you were getting to know, interested in, or seeing, sometimes with all of your attention changing to the new person.

    Synonym: My head's gone.

    36. The Ick

    Olivia Attwood says, "At the end of the day, like, when you are seeing a boy and you get the ick, like, it doesn't go, and it's one of those things, once you've caught it, it's like, you know, it like takes over your body, and it's like, it's just ick"

    Definition: That feeling of cringey discomfort you get around someone you used to fancy a bit, but now you're like, gaaaah no.

    37. Innit

    Marcel says, "When I was younger, like around 15, 16, like I used to be in a band, innit"

    Definition: A word you must often say when you end your sentences, innit.

    38. It Is What It Is

    ITV2 / Via

    Definition: It is what it is.

    39. Jason Staythumb

    Gabby says, "Who is your girl's celebrity crush," and Chris says, "I don't know how to spell his name, but Jason Statham," but he's spelled it Jason Staythumb

    Definition: Jason Statham.

    40. Keep Her/Him/Them On Her/His/Their Toes

    Georgia says, "Hence why I like to keep him on his toes"

    Definition: Keep the relationship in a kind of guessing, fun, non-boring vibe? I don't totally understand this one.

    41. Kick Off

    Shaughna says, "Listen, if them boys come back up and they can tell the difference between Jess and Eve, I'm kicking off"

    Definition: Get rowdy through clear anger.

    42. Lay It on Thick

    Samira reading a text that says, "Islanders, tonight there will be a recoupling, the boys will choose and the girl not picked to be in a couple will be dumped from the island hashtag get picked or get packing hashtag lay it on thick"

    Definition: Try reeeaaalllyyy hard to graft someone.

    He has no idea you fancy him; you've got to lay it on thick tonight.

    43. Little Bit Leave It

    View this video on YouTube


    Definition: It's kind of, like, disliking something...? To be honest, I'm not sure what it means, but I do know this song is a stalwart of my running playlist.

    44. Loyal

    On seperate occasions, Georgia says, "Yes, I am loyal, "I've been loyal the whole time I've been in here," and, "One thing that I really stand by is loyalty"

    Definition: Georgia from Series 4 (a Love Island Hall of Famer).

    Synonyms: Real, honest, G.

    45. Melt

    Sam Gowland says, "I'm gonna come across like a right melt on telly, but"

    Definition: A person who is soppy and so into someone else that it's an embarrassing flaw.

    46. Message!

    Belle says, "Got a text," and Ovie says, "Message"

    Definition: The best way to react when receiving a text, coined by Ovie from Series 5, a ridiculously fantastic Islander.

    47. Mr. Fucking Boyfriend

    Anna says, "Mr. Fucking boyfriend, fucking fake dickhead" using air quotes

    Definition: Jordan from Series 5, when he tried to get with India two days after asking Anna to be his girlfriend.

    48. Mug Off

    Alex Bowen says, "I didn't think about mugging you off or being a fucking prick to you"


    Verb (Mug off): Dump someone.

    I'm not gonna get mugged off.

    Noun (Mug): 

    1. Someone who's been dumped or made to look like a fool for being played. 

    Now I look like an absolute mug.

    2. (Somewhat rare) A person dumping someone else.

    Adjective (Muggy):

    Like you're trying to play someone or dump them.

    You're snogging her while I'm in the next room; that's fucking muggy.

    49. My Type on Paper (Often "100% My Type on Paper")

    Amber Davies says, "'Cause on paper, like, literally you are my type"

    Definition: The kind of person you're usually attracted to physically.

    Synonym: My type to a tee.

    50. Not Gonna Lie

    Jess from Series 6 says, "I, not gonna lie, I expected more from that conversation"

    Definition: A phrase to indicate you're not lying, often filler.

    Synonym: If I'm being honest.

    51. Obviously

    Demi says, "Obviously, he's an attractive boy, and obviously it's nice 'cause he's got quite a lot of personality, so like chatting to him was really nice; there was never a dull moment or whatever, so obviously I am interested in getting to know Jamie"

    Definition: A word that must be said at least once in every sentence.

    Obviously, I'm so not bothered by their date, but, obviously, if she wants to crack on with him, like, obviously I'll be a bit gutted.

    52. Oh My Days

    Luis says, "Oh my days"

    Definition: An exclamation of shock that apparently everyone's agreed to say a lot.

    53. Operation

    It's Operation Doctor Do More, Adam says to Alex. We'll distract Eyal so you get a chance with Meg, they get Eyal, Alex talks to Megan, Charlie asks Eyal Seen anything in space, Eyal says UFO, joke, Charlie asks green one and Eyal says I love green things

    Definition: "A boy plan," as Rosie brilliantly says during the operation above.

    54. Peng Sort

    Jack says, "There's top levels of being a sort, and I reckon you are the toppest level, which is a peng sort," Alex asks, "A peng sort," and Jack says "A peng sort is the top level."

    Definition: Very hot.

    Synonyms: Fire, flames, proper fit, a worldie.

    55. Pie

    The narrator Iain Stirling says, "Montana's taking Sam to the exact spot where Olivia broke up with him, and right now he is getting a horrible sense of déjà pie"

    Definition: Reject someone. (To get pied (off) is to be rejected.)

    Synonym: Parring.

    56. Put Me in My Place

    Olivia Attwood says, "I run riot unless someone puts me in my place"

    Definition: Match me in terms of dominance, and give banter back to me equally. (For the record, I really don't like the way "put me in my place" is worded at all!!!)

    57. Recoupling

    A recoupling where the boys choose the girls in Series 5


    Noun (Recoupling): The portion of the Love Island format in which the contestants make little speeches to choose who they are going to be in a couple with for the time being. Often, if someone is not picked, they are eliminated.

    Verb (Recouple): Basically the official version of "couple up."

    Obviously, I want to recouple with her, but she's getting to know him.

    Synonym: Couple up.

    58. The Salmon

    Chris with a totally straight body, jumping into the pool horizontally

    Definition: A way to jump into the pool where you shake your body like a fish, made infamous by Chris from Series 5.

    59. Stick It on Her/Him/Them

    Jess from Series 3 says, "I'm pretty sure he's gonna try and stick it on me"

    Definition: Make your move in a sexual sense.

    60. Step on Toes

    Max says, "I do want to crack on with Naomi; I do, like, want to see how she is, but I don't want to step on your toes"

    Definition: Try to get with someone who someone else is already with or likes.

    61. To Be Fair

    Callum says, "To be fair though, Shaughna's a nice girl"

    Definition: A too-common phrase meaning, "I'm about to point out something," or, "I just pointed out something."

    62. And finally, villa

    The three villas from over the course of the show

    Definition: The very big house where the isolated, ever-recorded Love Island contestants live, talk, make friendships, gain Instagram followers, fight, fall in love, and, most importantly, do bits.

    Since you made it all the way to the end, here's a bonus laugh.

    The lack of respect being shown for this promising young musician is quite frankly shocking... 🙄 #LoveIsland


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