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    I Just Watched Episode 6 Of "Loki" As A Casual Marvel Fan, And I Had Some Thoughts

    10. He's human. That's fascinating. Look at him with his tea.

    Hello! Welcome to the sixth and final week of my thoughts while watching Loki as a casual Marvel fan!

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    Let's get into Episode 6, "For All Time. Always."

    1. They're showing us that all of time is in here first through Marvel quotes and then through just quotes. That's lovely.

    Nelson Mandela saying "We have fought for the right to experience peace"
    Marvel Studios

    2. Wow, that was such a good opening. I'm pumped!

    3. I'm really worried Sylvie's gonna die because that could easily be her role in Loki's arc, and no. I want her to stay forever.

    4. This building is lovely. If it's a real place and not a created set, I'd love to go. I'll add it to my Google doc of churches. (That was a joke, but I should make that list.)

    5. Oh my god, Ms. Minutes is here! I joked about that last week! I fucking knew it!!!! Is this how spies feel?

    Loki and Sylvie standing in front of Miss Minutes
    Marvel Studios

    6. Is "He Who Remains" Marvel's version of God? That would be awkward because Loki's family are Gods. Are they lesser Gods? What are the God tiers? I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to the show.

    7. What if Loki took this deal that involves killing Thanos and it just erases all of that Marvel shit? That would be soooo funny. They're like, "Contractually, Robert Downer Jr., you've got to do more movies now."

    8. Interesting to me that Ms. Minutes can't do multiple things at once.

    9. Oh my god, He Who Remains is the perfect vibe for this. I was expecting a much more serious deal, this is great. He's got an apple!

    10. He's human. That's fascinating. Look at him with his tea.

    He Who Remains pouring tea
    Marvel Studios

    11. Hahahaha, Mobius is back with a vengeance. Love it.

    12. Hunter B-15 is a genius. That was so smart to go to the Judge's school.

    13. If He Who Remains knows everything, why did he offer them a deal? He knew they weren't gonna take it. I guess maybe he also doesn't have a choice.

    14. I like how few papers He Who Remains just got out because those papers are supposed to be everything that's going to happen.

    15. Mobius is fucking done. Owen Wilson is having a grand time.

    Mobius says, "I think people are ready to hear a little truth now, you know, like the TVA's a lie"
    Marvel Studios

    16. Mobius just said, "We can't take away people's free will," but he was always doing that and knew it.

    17. I love that Mobius uses the horrors of The Void as evidence that the TVA's mission is wrong, but then he tries to prune the Judge. It's like, "I want you gone so much, I'm willing to be a monster."

    18. Wait, what is the Judge's secret? I guess maybe she knows she was pruned because she has the school pencil? Huh. Does that fit with her actions?

    19. Bye, Judge! I'm sure this is not the end of you.

    20. This little He Who Remains model is awesome.

    A small model of a He Who Remains Variant looking at three stacked universes
    Marvel Studios

    21. I thought the creature capable of consuming time and space was going to be Ms. Minutes. Hahahaha. Forgot about the purple smoke monster.

    22. He Who Remains is great. Great actor, great story, great mood. I'm thrilled with all this.

    23. Sylvie and Loki being in charge of all this won't be the end, but it would be a fun end because then they would secretly be in charge of every Marvel thing.

    24. Wait, so why did he create the Time-Keepers?

    25. Ooh! He doesn't know what's going to happen! Why? Eh, I don't know that I care.

    He Who Remains says I fibbed earlier when I said I know how everything's going to go, I know, I knew everything up to a certain point, and that point was about seven, eight, nine, ten seconds ago
    Marvel Studios

    26. A Loki/Sylvie fight would be greeeeat. Yesssss.

    27. Also, I love how excited He Who Remains looked at the idea of them fighting.

    28. Yes, Sylvie and Loki have talked a bit and now they're fully fighting. I didn't even realize that was always going to have to happen.

    29. The way Tom Hiddleston delivered that "No" (meaning he won't kill Sylvie and take the throne) was perfect.

    30. God, this moment right when Sylvie tries to kill He Who Remains is so good! It's all about the pacing, so I don't think screenshots could do it justice, but here's a still of Sylvie in slo-mo.

    Sylvie holding a sword about to swing it
    Marvel Studios

    31. Umm, Loki, I don't think you've felt what she feels. I get that you've had your shit and presumably really wanted to kill someone, but her whole life was destroyed.

    32. Oh, he feels it because of their connection or whatever. Ah. That's too soppy for me.

    33. And they kiss! I mean, focus, but sure!

    34. Holy shit! She brought him back to the TVA! Did not expect that! Aww, that's so manipulative. You can't kiss people with an ulterior motive.

    35. My god, Sylvie killed him. He Who Remains is now He Who Must Not Remain.

    Sylvie sitting next to a dead He Who Remains in a chair
    Marvel Studios

    36. I don't understand why it's all immediately branching so much. The TVA's pace of not doing its job didn't change because he died.

    37. What does "For All Time. Always." mean? Like, what does it mean in this context between Mobius and Hunter B-15?

    38. Tom Hiddleston is fantastic, folks. I want him to be in more things.

    39. I like how Mobius is completely unfazed by seeing Loki.

    40. Oh my god. Oh my god, wait, they don't know who Loki is.

    Mobus says to Loki Who are you, what's your name?
    Marvel Studios

    41. Holy shit, an evil He Who Remains has taken over! His statue's there! That's why Hunter B-15 said "he" just now!

    42. Wait, that's the end??? Get out of town!

    Alright, that's the end of Loki Season 1! I had such a great time, and that ending was an awesome way to finish the season. I want more Loki, please and thank you.

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    Thanks for tuning in,聽rager teenagers. What a ride.

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