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    I Just Watched Episode 5 Of "Loki" As A Casual Marvel Fan, And I Had Some Thoughts

    Gotta love Richard E. Grant and Owen Wilson discussing an alligator.

    Hello! Hope you're well. Welcome to week five of my thoughts while watching Loki as a casual Marvel fan.

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    Let's get into Episode 5, "Journey Into Mystery."

    1. Unimportant, I know, but isn't this the first one with a "skip recap button"? I'm not using it, but I find that interesting.

    A "Skip recap" button over Loki standing in a moment from a previous episode
    Marvel Studios

    2. Oh, the design on the gold elevator doors looks like infinity signs and hourglasses. Very cool.

    Marvel Studios

    3. Also, did they ever deal with the huge bunch of branches Sylvie created at Roxxcart? I'm sure they did because it wasn't there last episode, but I have no memory of it. LOL.

    4. I hate fades. Just cut to the next shot.

    5. I love that the home of all the Lokis is a ruined city.

    Various places in the city of ruins
    Marvel Studios

    6. Why is there a spirit in the sky?

    7. Sylvie and the Judge have moved to another room. Why? And why didn't Sylvie take the Judge's TemPad immediately?

    8. That's so interesting that pruned people are in a bubble "at the end of time." Also, why were the TVA people treated differently?

    9. Don't trust the Judge, Sylvie! Why would you do that???

    10. Look! It's peacock Lokis! Those are peacocks, right? Seems like I'm unable to identify peacocks, which is worrisome.

    Loki running in front of peacocks
    Marvel Studios

    11. This episode's embracing the absurdness of the world in a way I really like.

    12. "A living tempest" is such a wonderful phrase.

    13. I think I'm going to laugh every time they cut to the alligator, which, by the way, Loki should have automatically known was a Loki, because in context that 100% fits (which is why this show's very good).

    14. Oh my god, there are going to be so many Lokis in this vault. Sooooooo many.

    15. Oh no, nevermind, LOL. What the fuck is this?

    A room in the vault with candy canes around a throne
    Marvel Studios

    16. Screw you, Judge.

    17. Oh my goodness! Sylvie pruned herself! I really like her a lot. She's so cool.

    18. I would assume every Loki but our Loki has heard Richard E. Grant Loki's backstory, so why is Kid Loki like, "Tell us your backstory"?

    19. Here are all the Lokis!!!

    20. Whoa, what just happened?

    Sylvie, while running inside the Alioth's smoke, puts her hands up to make some green magic and sees a whole world
    Marvel Studios

    21. Beautiful shot of Sylvie running away from the smoke.

    22. Oh my god!!! Mobius!!! Hello!!! Nice pizza moment!!! But don't tell a woman how to fucking be careful.

    23. Hahahaha. All of the Lokis turning on each other, from Fur Shoulder Loki to Mayor(?) Loki to the "beef-witted, half-faced scrub" Lokis, is so funny. They all suck.

    24. Loki's little dance-y walk to try to make his way out of there was great.

    25. This Sylvie/Mobius dynamic is solid.

    Sylvie says, "You hunted me like a dog," and Mobius says, "I'm sorry about that"
    Marvel Studios

    26. I love that Sylvie is a genius and wants to go back to the purple smoke, but why does Mobius agree to that in seconds?

    27. Everyone's reunited! Fun! Also, yes Sylvie, enchant it. Awesome.

    28. Wunmi Mosaku is a fantastic actor. That scene between Hunter B-15 — whose name I've just looked up — and the Judge was impeccable.

    29. What if Ms. Minutes is secretly in charge of everything? That would be hilarious. Very Saw.

    30. Gotta love Richard E. Grant and Owen Wilson discussing an alligator.

    We see the alligator and Mobius says, "He could be lying, the long con, of course that just makes him more likely to be a Loki," and Richard E Grant makes an interested face
    Marvel Studios

    31. Oh my god. I don't know what to feel about the Loki/Sylvie romance thing anymore. It's so weird, but also, I like them both and they have a good vibe together. I'm all confused.

    32. I love that Loki's like, "Oh, yes! That theory about our nexus event, right! I haven't been consistently thinking about that whatsoever."

    33. Why does Loki never mention his mother? Did you betray her, too? I don't know the answer to that question because I don't really know what I'm talking about, but she's someone who loved you.

    34. That scene was lovely. Now I feel weird because I'm so rooting for Sylvie and Loki to be together.

    35. Oh, they're not peacocks. They're some sort of space creatures. They're also not Lokis presumably, so I was entirely wrong before.

    Things with peacock-esqe bodies and unattached balls for heads
    Marvel Studios

    36. I genuinely forgot Owen Wilson was here. Hello again, Mobius.

    37. Wait, what? Richard E. Grant Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki are staying? Why would they stay? It's like they know they're plot devices.

    38. I thought Loki and Sylvie were going to kiss as a way to distract the sky monster, which doesn't make sense, but I was not on board for that so thank god Loki's just essentially sacrificing himself.

    39. Yes! Richard E. Grant is helping to distract the sky monster! Aw, that's nice.

    40. Yes, Sylvie and Loki are working together to make green stuff and enchant! I'm into this!

    Sylvie enchanting, and then Loki finally being able to enchant, all while the two hold hands
    Marvel Studios

    41. It's sad he died, but it's great that Richard E. Grant Loki found himself again.

    42. I don't understand how the enchanting worked suddenly, but alright!

    Alright, that's it for Episode 5! This was a super-fun one. I'm quite excited for the next one!

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    See you next week, Lokis.

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