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    I'm A Casual Marvel Fan, But I Just Watched The Third Episode Of "Loki" And Had Some Thoughts

    27. This train feels very Star Wars-y.

    Hi! Welcome to week three of my thoughts watching Loki as a casual, unknowledgeable Marvel fan.

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    Let's get into Episode 3, "Lamentis."

    1. Yes, they're playing a Hayley Kiyoko song! Shoutout to Hayley Kiyoko.

    In the "Loki" episode 3 opening credits, the subtitles read "Upbeat song playing," but I have crossed out "upbeat song" and written about it, "Demons by Hayley Kiyoko"
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    2. Okay, I so don't know what's happening between Blonde Variant and TVA officer at this restaurant, but I'm very into this scene.

    3. Blonde Variant's doing the Loki thing he explained before that's making illusions! Look at me with my knowledge.*

    4. Ahhhh. Blonde Variant blew up the timeline as a diversion to get to the Time-Keepers. If that was obvious before, I missed it.

    5. Oh, Blonde Variant's powers don't work in the TVA. It's time for some improv. Wonder if Blonde Variant is UCB-trained.

    6. Also, I thought Loki went with Blonde Variant at the end of the last episode, but I guess Loki went somewhere in time on his own journey. He's gotta go his own way (@GabriellaMontez).

    7. Oh no, Loki is here. Why did it take him so long?

    8. LOL, he tried to escape and then went back to the offices of the people he was trying to escape from.

    9. These swords — daggers? — in Loki's hands definitely mean something to people who care.

    10. Actually, I've seen him flip them at one point in I think Thor: Ragnarok? There's a GIF of that for sure.

    11. Loki followed the trail of people to reach Blonde Variant, which is very smart.

    12. Loki's all about the hair.

    13. Is this episode a detour episode? You know, Loki and Blonde Variant stranded in time and bonding in a buddy comedy vibe? ' thanks.

    14. So Blonde Variant just had a bunch of apocalypses loaded on that teleportation/time travel device, which is a very weird speed dial.

    15. It's a bit lazy that now Loki and Blonde Variant are walking on this planet and not rushing into a shelter, but sure.

    Loki walking after Sylvie
    Marvel Studios

    16. Blonde Variant is now officially Sylvie until I'm told otherwise.

    17. Also, Loki was like, "I'm not calling you Loki," but Sylvie explicitly told him not to, so I'm not sure why he thought that was an option.

    18. How did Loki know Sylvie's whole plan?

    19. Yeah, this is a bonding-buddy-cop thing, but they're basically looking for an outlet. That's the goal. I don't love how tame (boring) that is.

    20. Oh, Loki. Pretending to be Patrice is absolutely cruel.

    21. Yep. He's thrown backward. He got what he deserves.

    22. This episode feels like filler.

    23. Oh, they're already at the ark. I thought that would take longer.

    24. "The ark leaves tonight and we've been waiting in line for hours" is very expository, hahaha.

    25. Loki just became a fake guard in front of people in line. They can see you, dude.

    26. Someone in line yelled "Women and children," which for the record is such a dumb thing — not the children part, but the inclusion of women in that.

    27. This train feels very Star Wars-y.

    28. I don't know what to say about Loki and Sylvie's train superstitions, but I want to acknowledge them, so that's this.

    29. Wait, so, who is Sylvie?

    30. Is this whole planet/train fake or something and one of them is making the illusion? I hope not.

    Loki and Sylvie on the train
    Marvel Studios

    31. What is this mother conversation? Why is it still going? And why are they having an emotional conversation right now?

    32. These are really good fucking actors.

    33. Don't drink the champagne, Loki. The server was looking at you in the background before. The champagne's gonna be weird.

    34. Bold to assume Sylvie would have a "beau." Let's stop automatically assuming people are straight.

    35. Are they...flirting? That's extremely masturbatory.

    36. Oh, great! Sylvie's not assuming Loki's straight, and Loki's not only with ladies. Neither is Sylvie, Loki suspects.

    37. Why are they relaxing? Why aren't they in a...I guess there's no rush. They can time travel back to wherever they need to go, so actually, yeah.

    38. Is this ark only a train? It's not going to save anyone then if the whole planet's a goner. Sylvie said the train was these people's only hope, but is it a valid hope at all?

    39. What was that singing intimately to Sylvie moment? They must have been communicating about something. It was weird.

    40. The "Another!" and breaking the glass moment was from Thor! Look at me now, watch me go.

    41. Ah, so Sylvie's been doing this fleeing thing forever. Fun life.

    42. They're off the train, so was all of that filler? Jesus.

    43. How are they going to catch up with a train?

    44. Doesn't Loki know how enchanting works? Doesn't he do it? Does he not?

    45. Oh my god! All the TVA employees are variants! I really just gasped!

    Sylvia says, "They're all variants, just like us"
    Marvel Studios

    46. It's interesting Loki assumed the TVA employees don't know that, and not that they lied to him. Because I think they 100% lied to him.

    47. Oh, they're catching up to where the ark is supposed to launch from. That doesn't seem possible, but fine, whatever.

    48. Wait, if Loki can stop a building from falling like that, why isn't he stopping more damage? Even temporarily to help them?

    49. Cool. Fun ending. I'm down with them dying, honestly. I know they won't, but starting over with other variants would be fun.

    That's it for Episode 3! This was my least favorite episode yet, but it was still fun, so that's saying a lot.

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    *Upon re-reading, let's laugh at how confident and wrong I was.

    See you next week, demons.

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