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Women Who Are Attracted To Women, Tell Me A Sexist Thing A Man Has Said To You About Your Sexuality

Sometimes sex really does have nothing to do with men. Shocking, I know.

Hello! If you're a woman who is attracted to other women, I want to hear a wildly sexist thing a man has said to you.

Maybe you've told a man that you have sex with women, and he's been like..."but how do you know when it's over?" Because a man's ejaculation is the only way sex could end.

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Or maybe you're bisexual and a man has assumed that means you're 100,000% down to have a threesome with him. Because your sexuality is about his enjoyment. Of course.

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Or maybe you're a lesbian and a man has actually said to your face that that's only because you haven't slept with him yet. Because his dick is god.

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If you're a woman and you're attracted to women, let me know in the comments below the most sexist thing a man has said to you regarding your sexuality. Or, if you want to tell me anonymously, do so here. Some of the responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

Correction: As multiple commenters pointed out when I asked women to share sexist experiences for this post, lesbianism and bisexuality are not the only sexualities where women are attracted to other women. This post has been edited to reflect that, I apologize for my lack of inclusivity.