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    Here’s What Grocery Stores Look Like In 30 Countries

    From Fiji to Libya.

    1. Kabul, Afghanistan (Spinneys)

    The exterior of a Spinneys supermarket
    Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images

    2. Buenos Aires, Argentina (Carrefour)

    The exterior of a large Carrefour supermarket
    Daniel Garcia / Getty Images

    3. Sydney, Australia (Woolworths)

    The escalator going down into an indoor Woolworths supermarket
    Peter Parks / Getty Images

    4. Dhaka, Bangladesh (Market)

    An exchange at a market in Dhaka
    Allison Joyce / Getty Images

    5. Evere, Belgium (Colruyt)

    The line in the parking lot of a Colruyt supermarket
    - / Getty Images

    6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Pao de Acucar)

    The exterior of a small Pao de Acucar supermarket in Copacabana
    Vanderlei Almeida / Getty Images

    7. Praia, Cape Verde (Market)

    Vendors chatting at an open air market
    John Wessels / Getty Images

    8. N'djamena, Chad (Market)

    A bread stall and the vendor at an open-air market
    Marco Di Lauro / Getty Images

    9. Beijing, China (Jingkelong)

    The line in the parking lot outside a Jingkelong supermarket
    Greg Baker / Getty Images

    10. El Caney, Cuba (Small Supermarket)

    A woman walking into a small, rural supermarket
    Afp Contributor / Getty Images

    11. Suva, Fiji (Market)

    A fruit stall at a market in Suva
    Peter Parks / Getty Images

    12. Espoo, Finland (Prisma)

    The exterior of an indoor Prisma supermarket
    Afp / Getty Images

    13. Nantes, France (Carrefour)

    A couple walking into a Carrefour supermarket
    Loic Venance / Getty Images

    14. Berlin, Germany (Edeka Annenstraße)

    The line outside of a Edeka Annenstraße supermarket
    Sean Gallup / Getty Images

    15. Guatemala City, Guatemala (Local Supermarket)

    The line outside of a local, city grocery store
    Johan Ordonez / Getty Images

    16. Faridabad, India (Reliance Fresh)

    The line outside of a Reliance Fresh supermarket
    Money Sharma / Getty Images

    17. Rome, Italy (Conad)

    The three-person line outside of a Conad supermarket
    Andreas Solaro / Getty Images

    18. Tokyo, Japan (Local Supermarket)

    The exterior of a Tokyo grocery store
    Charly Triballeau / Getty Images
    Imgur / Via tagyoureit

    19. Sirte, Libya (Local Supermarket)

    A vendor sits in the interior of a small grocery store
    Philippe Desmazes / Getty Images

    20. Mexico City, Mexico (Mega)

    The exterior of a Mega supermarket
    Alfredo Estrella / Getty Images

    21. Wellington, New Zealand (Countdown)

    A security guard, in a mask, stands outside a Countdown supermarket
    Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images

    22. Panama City, Panama (Pricesmart)

    The line outside of a Pricesmart supermarket
    Luis Acosta / Getty Images

    23. Dakar, Senegal (Market)

    People stand in front of a stall at an outdoor market
    John Wessels / Getty Images

    24. Singapore (FairPrice)

    The exterior of a FairPrice supermarket
    Roslan Rahman / Getty Images

    25. Lepe, Spain (Mercadona)

    Five women walk towards a Mercadona supermarket
    Niccolo Guasti / Getty Images

    26. Hat Yai District, Thailand (Makro)

    A child and a woman have full carts outside a Makro supermarket
    Madaree Tohlala / Getty Images

    27. Istanbul, Turkey (Carrefour)

    The exterior of a Carrefour supermarket
    Bulent Kilic / Getty Images

    28. Glasgow, United Kingdom (Tesco)

    The exterior of a Tesco supermarket in the rain
    Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

    29. Mill Valley, United States of America (Safeway)

    Cars parked outside a Safeway supermarket
    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    30. Sana'a, Yemen (Market)

    People shop at market stalls
    Mohammed Huwais / Getty Images