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I Cannot Believe The "Hunger Games" Books Got Away With These 21 Baffling Things

The epilogue at the end of Mockingjay is nonsense.

1. First off, there's no world in which the solution to a bad situation is having children compete in a publicized game where they must murder each other. That's never the move.

2. Seriously, the Hunger Games are for people aged 12 to 18 — 12 TO 18!!! Why are the parents not constantly freaking out and rebelling?

On The Good Place, Janet says, Eleanor, I have kids, then she holds up a picture of them and says, I have 3 beautiful children, Tyler, Emma, and little tiny baby Phillip, look at Tyler, Tyler has asthma but he is battling it like a champ

3. Katniss tries to create what is essentially a grave for Rue after she dies by putting flowers over her body. And Rue's district, as a thank-you to Katniss, sends her what? A loaf of bread. Just one loaf of bread. That's it. LOL.

4. I know this is more of a movie thing than a book thing, but the combination of skill and horror in Peeta's face makeup must be mentioned.

Peeta made up to look like a rock

5. The epilogue at the end of Mockingjay is nonsense. I don't care about Katniss's family 20 years in the future. Does anyone?

6. Shouldn't the schools be teaching kids how to survive the Hunger Games? Shouldn't that be a gigantic part of the public school curriculum?

Chidi from The Good Place says to his students, The world is empty, there is no point to anything, and you're just gonna die, so do whatever, and now, I'm gonna eat my marshmallow candy chili in silence, and you all can jump up your own butts

7. I don't get why the characters' names are like this. Why would an apocalypse eliminate normal names from existence? Is the handful that is "Haymitch Abernathy" really necessary?

8. It seems kind of ridiculous to me that within, like, a year, the whole of Panem is in a full rebellion.

On The Office, Michael says, Well, well, well, how the turntables

9. In Caching Fire, Peeta proposes to Katniss and she accepts in a televised interview in the Capitol. But Katniss and Peeta are, say, 17 at this point, people. The Capitol citizens should not all be chill with this child marriage.

10. Also, why is it a big deal when everyone thinks Katniss is pregnant and she has to compete in the Games? They're all fine with children dying.

On The Office, Kelly tells Ryan she's pregnant, then she shakes her head no in a talking head, meaning she isn't actually pregnant

11. It would never happen that in Mockingjay, evil president Snow ends up being cool with Katniss, and he tells her the truth about how bad President Coin is. Their dynamic is basically, "Hey, we hate each other, but we're not dicks about it." I love that, though.

12. Katniss is amazing, absolutely, but president Snow is one of the most controlling, influential, powerful adults in the world. So how is this happening at all?

On The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Will says, Your only source of pleasure is making me unhappy, and Uncle Phil says, That's not true, I have my wine collection

13. One girl and one boy from each district are chosen for the Hunger Games, so what do nonbinary children do? Are they exempt from the lottery?

14. Why isn't the rest of the world helping the citizens of Panem? Maybe most people don't know about the Hunger Games, but come on, at least some government people somewhere know. And they're doing zilch to help.

On Friends, Joey says, Hey Pheebs, you wanna help, and Phoebe says, Oh, I wish I could, but I don't want to

15. The fact that President Coin wanted the living Hunger Games victors to decide if there should be a Hunger Games for children from the Capitol is absolutely horrible. What a jerk.

16. And I cannot believe Katniss and Haymitch voted in favor of it!!!!!! The answer is not more child murdering!!!!!

On The Office, Dwight says, R is among the most menacing of sounds, that's why they call it murder and not mukduk

17. There should be some stuff about the scientists and inventors who created all the tech, like the tracker jackers. I care far more about that than I do about Katniss's love triangle.

18. I can very safely assume that at least one time in the trilogy, there is some expressed symbolism between Katniss's braid and a braided loaf of bread, and I hate that. It is so dumb and gross.

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19. Prim should not have died in Mockingjay. It ruined the stakes of everything. The sole impetus for Katniss's volunteering for the first Hunger Games was to save Prim's life. I get proving the bleakness and evil in Mockingjay, and of course having Katniss lose everything, yada yada yada, but Prim needed to live. The story had an air of pointlessness after she died.

20. I understand now that the districts are much larger by area than I imagined as a child, but that means the small populations don't really make sense. If District 12 is the area of, like, all of Appalachia, why are there so few kids standing to be chosen for the Hunger Games? Shouldn't there be thousands of them, if not millions?

On Friends, Rachel says, Alright, believe me, if you win the lottery, it's the last you're gonna hear from us, and Monica says, Fine, Don't be my friends, I'll buy new friends, Yeah, and then I'll pay for their plastic surgery so they look just like you

21. And finally, the Quarter Quell section of Catching Fire, with the clock arena, should have won every award known to humankind.

Oh, and one final hilarious thing: the Wikipedia summary for the first book does not mention Gale once.