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    16 Fictional Characters People Hate With All Their Hearts

    "I CANNOT stand him."

    You know those fictional characters who get on your nerves and stay there, festering, until the end of time? Well, Reddit user u/CleverUseOfGameMecha asked, "What fictional character do you absolutely hate?" and received over 37,000 responses.

    Here are just some of the characters people have confidently declared their hatred for.

    1. "Mertle from Lilo & Stitch. She constantly picks on Lilo, and when she finally retaliates, Mertle plays the victim. I hate her with all my being. Fuck that little piece of shit."

    Mertle Edmonds on a bike

    2. "Arturo from Money Heist, but who doesn't hate him?"

    Arturo smirking

    3. "Bella from Twilight..."

    Bella standing in front of a fan

    4. "And Edward, too. He’s a complete stalker, and Bella, for some reason, likes that. I’m mad that I wasted my time reading the first book. Literally the entire thing is just Bella developing a crush on Edward, like, 'Oh no I like him, but he’s a vampire,' then finally, the action happens in the last few chapters, where some sadistic vampire hunts her down. By that point, I was rooting for him, not her."

    Edward with his hand over his mouth

    5. "Charles Miner from The Office. I CANNOT stand him."

    Charles Miner talking

    6. "Honestly, I think that Mr. Krabs in some of the later seasons of SpongeBob was one of the most pretentious, selfish, and borderline psychopathic fictional characters. How he tormented Plankton and abused SpongeBob’s ignorance really infuriated me."

    Mister Krabs looking worried

    7. "The Ice Age baby. That little shit still visits me in my dreams."

    The Ice Age Baby looking up

    8. "Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars. The whole teacher/high school student romance was gross and creepy, but the show framed it as this sexy forbidden romance."

    Ezra talking

    9. "Izzie Stevens from Grey’s Anatomy, who somehow didn’t get fired for manipulating the transplant list and literally stealing a heart from someone who needed it."

    10. "King Triton from The Little Mermaid. He inherited the kingdom through subterfuge and deceit, at the expense of his sister, and he's in general a terrible father. If nothing else, he had the ability to grant his daughter's wish and let her explore while under his protection and supervision, yet chose to admonish her and drive her away."

    King Triton smiling with his arms crossed

    11. "That little smart-mouthed kid with glasses from The Polar Express."

    The kid with glasses talking

    12. "Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones. His cold blue eyes told you he knew that what he was doing was awful, but his naked ambition justified it. Plus, he loved his wife, so he wasn’t a pure psychopath, making his actions all the more horrific."

    Tywin Lannister talking

    13. "Ross from Friends. Acts like a quintessential nice guy and he pisses me off, especially in the later seasons."

    Ross looking kind of excited

    14. "Leonard from The Umbrella Academy. I could see right through him from the start and I never saw what Vanya saw in him. I’m not going to spoil what happens to him, but I'm just happy that he got his comeuppance."

    Leonard squinting

    15. "Diane from Cheers. She nearly ruined every scene she was in for me."

    Diane talking

    16. And finally, "Boots from Dora."

    Boots holding bananas

    Note: Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.