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    34 Wedding Dresses From Movies And TV Shows, Ranked By How Happy I Would Be For My Friend If They Wore It

    The dress Monica didn't ended up wearing is the best Friends wedding dress.

    34. Mia's dress from the seminal classic The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

    Walt Disney Pictures

    OK, so I would like it fine if the embroidery were over the whole dress, but as it is, I make an ew face every time I look at it for too long.

    33. Callie's wedding dress on Grey's Anatomy


    The bottom and the sleeves – dear god, the sleeves – are big issues. If my friend walked out of the dressing room wearing this, I would be like, "I love you, dude, but no."

    32. This dress from Runaway Bride

    Paramount Pictures

    I don't understand the fabric situation on the bottom. Why is it like that?

    31. Bailey's wedding dress on Grey's Anatomy


    Look, I don't enjoy mermaid dresses. Or ruffles like this. I'm sure there are exceptions, but this dress is not one of them.

    30. Ariel's wedding dress in The Little Mermaid

    Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures

    The sleeves are nothing short of oof.

    29. The dress Izzie wears at her and Alex's wedding on Grey's Anatomy


    Another Grey's Anatomy one that's simply not my thing at all. Isn't it hard to walk in dresses with big skirts that start mid-thigh? Wouldn't you be like a penguin moving down the aisle?

    28. Jane's wedding dress at the end of 27 Dresses

    Fox 2000 Pictures

    Something about the combination of the neckline and the fabric makes me feel a very strong eh. It's so boring.

    27. This dress from Runaway Bride

    Paramount Pictures

    I'm not opposed to boho wedding dresses, but this is not the move.

    26. This dress from Runaway Bride

    Paramount Pictures

    The skirt's stripe thing is fun, but the collar and the bubble-esque silhouette are fine-to-bad. Basically, the dress is a whatever I don't have any malice toward.

    25. Phoebe's wedding dress on Friends

    Warner Bros.

    I almost really like it, but for some reason I don't. How's that for insight? You know, actually, I think it's how low the corset goes, because I like the color and the corset's existence a lot.

    24. Pam's dress on The Office


    Though I don't enjoy a mini strap on a wedding dress, this is an eh with some positivity because I like the kind-of-flow-y mood of it.

    23. Toula's big wedding dress in My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    Gold Circle Films

    There's too much happening by, like, 125%.

    22. Cristina's dress at her and Owen's wedding on Grey's Anatomy


    I mean, it's unfair to the dress because it's cool if it fits my friend's vibe, but the ankle-level length is annoying me for some reason.

    21. Lisa's wedding dress on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    Warner Bros.

    The fabric and the back aren't awesome, but it's certainly not the worst thing ever.

    20. Cristina's dress at her and Burke's wedding on Grey's Anatomy


    Again, mermaid dresses are not meant for my eyes. I can see the world where I think this is a nice dress though, if that makes sense.

    19. Sophie's very Free People-esque wedding dress from Mamma Mia!

    Universal Pictures

    I love the vibe it's going for, but the execution is leaning toward bad. There's too much fabric happening.

    18. April's dress at the wedding where she runs away with Jackson on Grey's Anatomy


    The silhouette is unbeatable, but other than that, I find it forgettable. I think it's the mesh stuff at the top.

    17. Jess's wedding dress on New Girl

    Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures / 20th Century Fox Television

    Another one where I like the idea, but the final product isn't an A+. Maybe it's the sleeve length? Maybe it's the material? Maybe it's Maybelline?

    16. Arizona's wedding dress on Grey's Anatomy


    It's quite nice, but it's not something I would describe as, "OMG, super stellar." A big flower on the waist gives me pause.

    15. The dress Monica ends up wearing for her wedding on Friends

    Warner Bros.

    If the perfect dress is Tom Hanks, this dress is Bill Pullman. It's fine — hell, even good — but it's not the one.

    14. The dress Olivia wears in an alternate universe on Scandal

    ABC Signature

    A nice dress! Though it's not a complete and total winner for me, because of the fabric on the top and the sparkly belt, I would be very happy if my friend were like, "This is it; this is the dress."

    13. The wedding dress Jo wears in Funny Face

    Paramount Pictures

    The low waist isn't my taste, but I can see that the dress is outstanding if it's your kind of thing. (Also, Fred Astaire was basically 31 years older than Audrey Hepburn. Just putting that out there.)

    12. Rachel's dress on Friends

    Warner Bros.

    I could live happily without the veil headpiece, but the dress is close to wonderful. I would be pleased for my friend. What a pretty bodice.

    11. This dress from Runaway Bride

    Paramount Pictures

    I'm not a fan of the tiny little ruffly sleeves, but I really like everything else.

    10. Giselle's dress in Enchanted

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Yes, it's extremely big and poofy, and that's why I disliked the dress from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but this one sinks its teeth into the princess-ness so perfectly that it comes back around to being great.

    9. Araminta's gold wedding dress in Crazy Rich Asians

    Warner Bros.

    Ruffles and that transparent mesh stuff aren't usually my cup of tea, but this is undeniably awesome.

    8. Bella's dress in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1

    Summit Entertainment

    She's, like, 18, and she's marrying an old, old vampire man, but cast that aside and the dress is very lovely! The back is fancy in such a fun way.

    7. Monica's original wedding dress on Friends

    Warner Bros.

    I used to adore this dress so hard. Like, so hard. I love love love it less now (definite no to the flower on the back), but it's still aces. If my friend walked out in this, I'd clap.

    6. Cece's first wedding dress on New Girl

    Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures / 20th Century Fox Television

    I think even someone who has the opposite style as me would agree that this is fantastic.

    5. Cinderella's wedding dress

    Walt Disney Productions

    So pretty and effortless. It rocks. (Do people actually say "rocks"?)

    4. Maria's very elegant dress from The Sound of Music

    Twentieth Century Fox

    It's simple, traditionally classy, and cool. If only I could say the same about me.

    3. Grace's dress from Ready or Not

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    If the bodice were slightly higher, this would be #2. I fucking love it.

    2. Katniss's sneaky wedding dress from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

    Katniss in an elaborate wedding dress, then she spins and the dress morphs through fire to become a dress with wings

    I forgot this turned into a Mockingjay dress, so I was going to rank it much worse because I thought it had too much going on while also being kind of predictably boring. But two dresses in one, via flames? A winner.

    1. And finally, Cece's second wedding dress on New Girl

    Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures / 20th Century Fox Television

    What more is there to say but yeeeeees!

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