People Are Sharing The Movie Moments That Don't Make Sense To Them Now That They're Older, And I Hate It Here

    I refuse to see any flaws in What A Girl Wants.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us a moment from a movie they loved when they were younger that doesn't make any sense to them now. Here are the fascinating responses.

    1. "In Home Alone, Kevin's mom calls the police and tells them her young son is at home alone, but when the police go to the house and Kevin doesn’t answer their knocks, they LEAVE."

    The police officer knocks on the front door, looks in a window, and says into his walkie-talkie, "There's no one home, the house looks secure, tell her to count her kids again"

    2. "How does Pocahontas's hair stay so perfect in a wind sprial?!"

    Pocahontas's hair is blowing a lot in the wind, but it remains perfect

    3. "That High School Musical 2 scene where Chad says he doesn't dance...and does a full choreographed number about it."

    Chad sings, "I don't dance," and then proceeds to dance elaborately in a choreographed dance with a full group

    4. Also Chad just, like, always carries around a basketball at school in High School Musical, and he never has any school stuff.

    5. "In What A Girl Wants, how do Daphne's father and her love interest just magically appear at the wedding party? How do they find her?"

    Henry casually arrives via small boat and then says to Daphne while they dance, "Listen Daphne, I just think when you're groveling, it's important to bring a very large present," and Daphne's love interest is somehow behind her

    6. "If Cinderella's shoes fit so well, shouldn't they not fall off?"

    Cinderella runs down the staircase and her glass slipper falls off, even though it famously fits perfectly

    7. "Also in Cinderella, why does the fairy godmother only give Cinderella a pretty dress and shoes? Why doesn't she do something more useful like adopting her or finding her a better place to live?"

    The fairy godmother comforts a crying, immensely distressed Cinderella and but just giver her a nice look

    8. "In Jurassic Park, why doesn’t Tim just hand the gun to Dr. Sattler or Dr. Grant in the control room when the dinosaur is trying to push through the door?"

    Doctor Sattler and Doctor Grant hold a door closed because a dinosaur is behind it, Doctor Grant says, "Try to reach the gun," but Doctor Sattler says, "I can't get it unless I move," meanwhile Tim just stands next to his sister working at the computer

    9. "The parents in The Parent Trap! Who would agree to never seeing their child again? It doesn't make any sense!"

    Annie and Hallie hold up a picture of their parents and respectively say, "That's my mum, that's my dad," because their parents are monsters who gave up and separated their children

    10. In Pitch Perfect, why does Beca feel comfortable auditioning for The Barden Bellas after Chloe, like, invades her shower? That should be a dealbreaker.

    Chloe sneaks up on Beca in the shower, but Beca auditions for Chloe's a capella group anyway

    11. "When the real Sebastian comes in She's the Man, no one notices that Sebastian is suddenly taller and much more muscular — and just so bloody different."

    Viola and Sebastian in "She's the Man," are clearly different not the same person but zero people spot a difference

    12. "The 'Bend and Snap' scene in Legally Blonde ruins an otherwise flawless film. It doesn’t translate into real life and, other than being a device to break the UPS guy's nose, it serves NO purpose."

    Everybody bends and snaps, and Elle says, "Bend...and snap, good job, everybody"

    13. In Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time, Ron is looking at a picture from kindergarten when it changes, because Drakken and co. have gone to the past. That means the change has now happened in Ron's timeline, so how does he remember what used to be?

    Ron is looking at a picture from kindergarten where everyone is happy, then he and Rufus gasp, and the picture is now a picture from kindergarten where people are sad

    14. Why don't they rush to the hospital in Hitch when his face swells to the nth degree because of an allergic reaction?

    In a pharmacy, Sara says, "Uh, Benadryl, where's the Benadryl," and while his face swells up so much, Hitch says, "Really, it is not that serious"

    15. "In The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Lizzie is pretending to be Isabella on stage when Isabella tells the guy in charge of the soundboard to 'turn down Isabella's mic'...and nobody questions this."

    Lizzie is on stage as Isabella, Isabella says to the sound guy, "Sandro, turn down Isabella's mic," and he just does it

    16. "Also in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, the teacher just springs on Lizzie that she's going to make a speech at graduation seconds before she has to."

    The teacher says, "In any event, you're up," Lizzie asks, "Up where," and he says, "At the podium, you're going to deliver the class president's speech"

    17. "In Descendants, why are the still young and fit King and Queen of Auradon giving the throne to their teenage son who hasn't even graduated yet? Why are they abdicating at all?"

    The future king's dad says, "You're gonna be crowned King next month" and the future king is a teenager

    18. "In The Little Mermaid, why doesn't Ariel just write on a piece of paper or something explaining to Eric that she's lost her voice? She obviously knows how to write, she signed Ursula's contract."

    Ariel signs the contact "Ariel," but when Eric asks, her "What's your name," she mouths Ariel

    19. And, "At the end of Hannah Montana: The Movie, Miley shares her pop star secret to a WHOLE CONCERT of people and then is like, 'Don't tell anyone.' There's no way everyone at that concert would agree to keep Miley's identity a secret."

    Miley takes off her wig in front of a bunch of people and we're supposed to believe none of them ever said a thing

    Note: Not all submissions are from Community users, and those that are have been edited for length and clarity.