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    I Really Want To Talk About How Amazing The "Bridgerton" Wedding Episode Is, And Here's Why

    Daphne and Simon love to look at each other with meaning, don't they?

    So, Bridgerton. I thought it was a fun show that lacked...something. But there's one episode that is truly faultless.

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    Episode 5, "The Duke and I" is outstanding. It's the best version of Bridgerton: a soapy, fun, soft, self-aware drama. With beautiful costumes.

    Fun fact: Book one of the Bridgerton book series is called "The Duke and I!"

    Here are 27 moments from the episode that prove its perfection.

    1. Right at the beginning, when we feel the intensity of Daphne rushing to get back into bed. She has just gotten back from agreeing to marry Simon (they have to get married because someone saw them kiss in a garden). She was also just at a duel, but that's for another time.

    Daphne rushing to pretend she's alseep

    Gotta love in medias res.

    2. When Daphne's mom thinks she's engaged to the Prince, who she knew Daphne didn't love.

    Daphne says, "I am engaged," and her mom clearly wishes that weren't true but recovers and says, "Oh, well, that is wonderful news"

    3. When Daphne's mom finds out Daphne's marrying the Duke.

    Daphne's mom says, "My darling girl, you are getting what you always wanted, you are marrying for love" and Daphne fake smiles

    4. When Daphne and the Prince say goodbye in such a respectful way.

    Daphne says, "nothing could stand between us, not even, I'm sorry to say, the attentions of a good and kind man such as yourself," and Prince Friederich says,  "Then I can only wish you a lifetime of contentment with your new husband"

    5. When Daphne and Simon see each other again. They ~look at each other~ a lot in this episode and it's great every time.

    Simon and Daphne look at each other with meaning

    6. When blonde lady — Cressida — fully establishes the stakes of the situation like the true villain she is.

    Cressida says, "My view of the garden was perfectly clear from the safety of the terrace, Daphne"

    7. When we see the party where people — including two men — are having sex in whatever way they consensually want! Yay for that! I'm not gonna put a picture here 'cause it's like mid mid-sex, so instead here's a picture of Billy Crystal hosting the 2012 Academy Awards.

    Billy Crystal singing onstage
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Though the sex party is a lot of sex.

    8. When Simon is drunk and distraught, but not for himself. For Daphne.

    Simon yells, "Hey, tell him to play the one about the trapped wife"

    9. When Marina turns calculating.


    10. When Queen Charlotte gets to be with her husband, King George III, for the first time in a long time, and their love is so clear, but then he losses "lucidity" again. What a scene.


    11. When Daphne says that Simon physically can't have kids. We know it's not physical — he's just choosing to not have children — so the dread of her inevitably finding out the truth fully cements itself in the season.

    Daphne says, "He cannot have children, I should not pretend to understand the extent of his physical impediment, but, I imagine it is a source of great pain for the Duke indeed"

    12. When Daphne and Simon go to the Queen to plead their case for an immediate marriage license.

    Simon says, "To meet a beautiful woman is one thing, but to meet your best friend and the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart"

    13. And when we cut to their wedding perfectly.

    Queen Charlotte says, "Do you wish to marry this man," Daphne looks unsure, then we cut to the chapel

    14. And when we see Simon's face.

    Simon looks so unhappy

    15. When they get married and have one of those #looks.

    Daphne and Simon look deeply at each other

    16. When blonde lady does some verbal gun lowering and Daphne gives her a look I find so funny.

    Cressida says, "I do hope you will remember my kindness in keeping secrets, and repay me someday, enjoy your triumph, your Grace," and Daphne glares when Cressida leaves

    17. When Marina tries to seduce Colin, but he won't do it because he's respectful. Then he proposes.

    Marina says, "You are a gentleman," and Colin says, "Then marry me"

    18. When Daphne's mom sits down with her to tell her about "the marital act" and tells her, like, zilch.

    Daphne's mom says to her, "It is most natural, much in the way that rain soaks a field in autumn, and in spring, flowers grow"


    19. When Daphne has to say goodbye to her family and home. What a huge, devastating part of being a woman in that time.

    Daphne looks at her family, looks at her house, and gets in the carriage

    20. When Daphne and Simon arrive at the inn and she learns Simon booked two rooms.

    Simon says "I requested a separate room," and Daphne says, "Yes"

    21. When we cut between Daphne and Simon pacing in their respective rooms. I LOVE IT.

    Simon is pacing, and then we see Daphne is pacing

    22. Also it's so overdone but I love it when a character goes to talk to someone and they open the door and the person they're going to talk to is standing there. The drama of it!

    Daphne opens the door and Simon is standing there

    23. When Daphne and Simon finally start talking!

    Daphne says, "I am the one who trapped you into this marriage," and Simon says, "I trapped you"

    Neither of you trapped each other! You made out in a garden!

    24. When Simon says one of the most romantic things in television history.

    Simon says, "I cannot stop thinking of you, from the mornings you ease, to the evenings you quiet, to the dreams you inhabit, my thoughts of you never end"

    25. When they get to the whole "I burn for you" part of the conversation.

    Daphne asks, "You burn for me," Simon says, "Why do you think I followed you into that garden," and Daphne says, "Why do you think I went into that garden"

    26. And then there's the sex, which is SUPER GRAPHIC! So instead of that being here, I'll put another picture of Billy Crystal hosting the 2012 Oscars.

    Billy Crystal performing onstage at the Oscars
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    But the fact that Daphne didn't know what sex was and none of this was overwhelming to her — when she's lived in a world where she can't even be alone with a man who isn't her brother — does not make sense to me.

    27. And finally, when Daphne smiles and says she feels wonderful. There's no music; it's just her in that moment. What a perfect ending to a perfect episode.

    Simon asks, "How do you feel," and Daphne says, "I feel...I feel...wonderful"

    So clearly I am obsessed with this episode. It's everything I want from Bridgerton. I still have mixed feelings about the show overall, however, in large part due to the sexual assault in Episode 6 that essentially goes unaddressed. It was important to me to get that out there!

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