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    17 Details On "The Office" That Show Up Multiple Times Throughout The Show

    The plasma screen TV that Jan throws a Dundie at is still up on Michael's wall a season later.

    1. First off, you can see the George Foreman grill that Michael burns his foot on β€” because he likes to wake up to the smell of bacon β€” in the episode "Dinner Party."

    Michael says, "Today, I got up, I stepped onto the grill and it clamped down on my foot, that's it," and then we see the grill in the episode "Dinner Party"

    2. You know the teapot Jim gives Pam for Christmas? She uses it later in the Finer Things Club.

    The teapot highlighted in different scenes, seasons apart

    3. The lawyer Michael hires in Season 2 is the same lawyer Michael mentions when he and Dwight throw a watermelon off the roof and it hits a car in Season 3.

    Michael says, "This is my lawyer, James P Albini," then in Season 3 he says, "Find out whose car that is, if it's Stanley's, call the offices of James P Albini, see if he handles hate crimes"

    4. You could definitely already know this one, but it's amazing. Michael's girlfriend Carol β€” who broke up with him because he photoshopped himself into pictures of her family β€” has a tiny cameo in Threat Level Midnight. She's the Realtor of the real-life house Michael Scarn lives in.

    At the bottom of a picture of a large house in "Threat Level Midnight", it says "Carol Stills - Realtor" with a picture of Carol's face

    5. Dwight and Kevin absolutely love fireworks in Season 2, and they're outraged by a potential lack of firecrackers in Season 6.

    Dwight and Kevin play with firecrackers, and then later Jim says, "This is a firecracker-free wedding," and Kevin says "What the hell," and Dwight says, "Come on, you've got to be kidding me."

    6. The graphic design guy Pam talks to at the job fair in Season 4 is the office IT person later in the show.

    In Season 4, Nelson Franklin plays a character who says, "Are you interested in graphic design," and in Season 6 he play a character about whom Gabe says, "Actually, that's Nick, he's your new IT guy"

    7. The plasma screen TV Jan throws a Dundie at is still up on Michael's wall a season later.

    The broken plasma TV in "Dinner Party", and in "Dream Team"

    8. And he puts it up for sale in the Season 7 episode "Garage Sale."

    The broken TV is on a table

    9. Another item at the garage sale is the stuck-to-the-wall painting from when Jim bought Pam their house. They finally got it off the wall.

    The painting on the wall is in the garage sale later

    10. In Season 3, Michael tells Jan about the kind of love he wants, and it includes "ketchup fights." He puts a ketchup fight in his movie Threat Level Midnight.

    Michael says, "I want the house, Jan, I want the picket fence, I want the ketchup fights, and the tickling, and the giggling" and then there's a moment in "Threat Level Midnight" where Michael Scarn has a ketchup fight

    11. This one's meant to be obvious. Elizabeth, the dancer at Bob Vance's bachelor party and the recipient of the check made out to "Science," shows up in the finale at Dwight's bachelor party.

    Elizabeth in Season 3, Season 4, and Season 9

    12. Also not suuuuuuuper subtle, but Angela's babies-as-adults poster that Oscar hates β€” and complains about to Toby β€” was, in fact, a Christmas gift from Toby.

    Kelly holds the poster and Toby says "Well, it's for Angela," Angela says "I'll take the poster," then in a later episode Toby says, "There's just a little dispute over a poster in their workspace"

    13. When Jan hands Michael their relationship-disclosing agreement for the company, he says he's going to frame it. He does.

    Jan says, "You get a copy, I get a copy, and a third copy goes to HR," Michael says, "Awesome, I'm gonna frame mine, I could frame yours, too" and later we see Michael's framed contract

    14. Remember that time Michael, Dwight, and Jim drove to the Utica branch and Michael and Dwight tried to steal the copier? Well, the Utica copier is padlocked when we see it in Season 5.

    The copier is padlocked

    15. Dwight tells us a very ominous Schrute wedding tradition, and he and Angela do it when they get married seasons later.

    Dwight says, "The Schrutes have their own traditions, we usually marry standing in our own graves, makes the funerals very romantic, but the weddings are a bleak affair," and then we see that's how Angela and Dwight get married

    16. The same person teaches a diversity seminar in Scranton and in Stamford. It's also the exact same seminar.

    The same person is in Season 1 and Season 3

    17. And finally, "Absolutely, I do" is consistently the right way to respond when Dwight asks you to do something in secret.

    Dwight says, "Do you want to form an alliance with me," Jim says, "Absolutely I do," seasons later Dwight Pam says, "I learned from Jim, if Dwight ever asks you if you accept something secret, you reply, 'Absolutely I do'"

    Did I miss your favorite callback on The Office? Tell me what it is in the comments below! I genuinely want to know all of them.

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