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    33 Signs That Are Only Hilarious Because Someone Really Messed Up During The Design Stage

    Enjoy your "safe" holidays.

    1. This traffic sign.

    2. This sign advertising "safe" holidays.

    3. This riddle of a sign.

    4. This sign that doesn't want you to be afraid.

    5. This declarative sign.

    6. This slaughter sign.

    7. This sign that states a very specific age limit.

    8. This sign that feels like a threat.

    9. This pizzeria sign that has multiple confusing elements.

    10. This sign with painted-on Braille.

    11. This sign that does not mean what it thinks it means.

    12. This sign I do not understand.

    13. This weirdness.

    14. This informative sign.

    15. This honorable sign.

    16. This misleading sign.

    17. This welcomef sign.

    18. This Texas sign.

    19. This sign for churros.

    20. This sign that might want you to shoplift.

    21. This sign for a popcorn machine.

    22. This warning sign for aliens.

    23. This mysterious sign.

    24. This motivational(?) sign.

    25. This sign that doesn't want you to smoke while you swim.

    26. This sign that does not fit with the way English sentences work.

    27. This speed limit sign.

    28. This sign that has too much going on.

    29. This sign that wants you to throw out your babies.

    30. This bright exit sign.

    31. This sign in an airport.

    32. This sign that does not make a lick of sense.

    33. And finally, this truck sign.