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    29 Real Ads Against Women's Suffrage That Make Me So Deeply Angry

    "What is a Suffragette without a suffering household?"

    1. Only older — and therefore unattractive — women are feminists. Absolutely. I cannot explain how much white-hot rage I feel looking at this.

    An ad that shows that as a woman gets older and less attractive to men, she wants to vote

    2. Oh no! If women vote, men will have wrinkled and messy clothes! Those are equivalent issues for sure!

    A man wearing wrinkled clothes, with, "This is how it will be when the Woman's Suffrage gets in power" written next to him

    3. Ah, yes, the Cool Girl of 1915: I love to only cook and not have the ability to vote, lol, that's just me.

    A woman cooking with, "In these wild days of suffrage frays, I'm sure youd ne'er overlook a girl who can't be militant, but simply loves to cook"

    4. Come on, selfish wenches. There are more important problems than your lack of fundamental rights.

    Underneath an masculinized woman reads, "If instead of ranting of Woman's Rights, you tried to look after some poor, sickly mites and talk of their rights, long, strong, and loud, you would then be a woman of whom we'd be proud"

    5. Men won't like you if you're a feminist. If I had a goddamn nickle.

    "Standing up for womens rights" written beneath a woman standing on the bus while man sit and read newspapers, ignoring her

    6. This women's rights nonsense is just a phase. Once you have a baby — your true purpose in life, obvi — you won't even remember that ballots exist.

    "She is not doing that this season," written over a past Suffragette now holding a baby

    7. Women hate each other so much that the only way we could possibly discuss politics is by scratching each other's eyes out. It's true, my friend and I did this last year! I was the one in green.

    Two women scratching each other's eyes out, with "The Suffragette, should women mix in politix, nix" written over it

    8. DOWN WITH THE MEN!!!!!!! SMUSH THEM!!!!!!!

    "When women get the vote" written next to a woman sitting on a man

    9. Hey, this is a fun idea! Let's put women in boxes and send them to "Devils Island," but let's make sure everyone knows to handle the package "with care."

    A woman in a box being sent to "Devils Island," with the caption, "That's What I Would Do With The Suffragettes"

    10. No, no, no, I take it back, I've got an even better idea. Let's full-on torture women.

    "What I would do with the suffragists," written next to a woman being tortured

    11. Oh, little old me? I don't need rights, I just need a nice boy.

    A little girl with a Valentine that's a ballot and a poem that says, "Some long for votes and Women's Rights, and shout with great ado; I'd be content with a cozy home, a fireside, and you"

    12. Men, if your wife gets the vote, she will automatically become tall and you will automatically become short. #science.

    "Vote for Wee Men' written under a woman leading a shorter man

    13. Suffragettes are petulant, childish women throwing a fit. That's why men clearly aren't intimidated by them.

    "Feeding a Suffragette by force" written next to men force-feeding a woman milk

    14. Only women with "weird" noses want to vote.

    "What a Suffragette Knows" is written above three women with different sized noses

    15. For real, they're all "uggos" who both hate men and crave husbands.

    "At the Suffragette meetings you can hear some plain things, and see them, too" written underneath women at a meeting, with "Down with man," "Husbands for old maids," and "Votes," written on posters behind them

    16. We all know that if your girl child destroys a mirror, she will become a feminist. It's the classic scenario.

    A little girl destroying a mirror in front of her mother, with, "Oh, the darling, the little pet is going to be a Suffrgatte:

    17. The concept of women voting is so wicked, even the devil's like "hard pass."

    A woman chasing the devil with a sign that says, "Votes for women"

    18. I don't know what to tell you, facts are facts. Voting equals being bad at painting a doorway.

    "Don't marry a suffragette" written under a woman painting a doorway poorly  while her husband looks on

    19. If women get the right to vote, they'll be sooooooooooo greedy, they'll want...moooooney! Quelle horreur.

    A woman stomping her foot and saying to a man, "Yes, and I'll have minimum wage too"

    20. Feminism is bad for women. It makes little girls hold buckets while little boys watch and wear plaid hats.

    "And this is what the vote has done for us women," written below a little girl holding buckets while a little boy watches and doesn't help her

    21. What's next??? Women sheriffs???

    A woman as a sheriff with, "I'll pinch anyone I see pinching the law" written next to her

    22. Women judges??? But "her sentences are always easy."

    A woman as a judge with, "A woman is the best judge of a man, her sentences are always easy, don't you want to be tried before men" written next to her

    23. WOMEN MAYORS??? She'll show you the town if you foot the bill.

    A woman as a mayor with, "I'll show you the town if you foot the bill" written next to her

    24. Suffragettes don't deserve to have children. I can't think about this one too long. It's too much evil.

    A stork says to a woman and man, "I don't come to suffragettes and the strong minded, back up - fade away ye childless"

    25. Women who want to vote only want to vote because they've never touched someone else's mouth with their mouth. Seriously, the first time I kissed someone, boom, I no longer cared about who represented my district.

    Older women with, "Suffragettes who have never been kissed," written above them

    26. Feminists just hate men because, at the end of the day, everything really is about men.

    "Suffragists on the War Path," written over women hurting police officer, with captions that read, "Jump on him, he is only a mere man"

    27. Men are the center of it. They have to be.

    Women marching and holding a sign that says, "Down with the men and up with the women"

    28. Because of the immense fragility of traditional masculinity.

    A man holding a baby, with "Suffragette Madonna" written underneath
    A man doing laundry with, "I want to vote, but my wife won't let me" written under him
    "Election day" is written beneath a woman heading off while a man takes care of children, with 'What is a Suffragate without a suffering household' written above him
    "The Suffragette not at home" written under a man struggling to make tea for his family
    A woman yelling at her husband, who's holding two babies, with the caption, "The Suffragist at home, we don't know what we want but we'll get it"
    "Once I get my liberty, no more wedding bells for me" written next to a woman leaving her husband and babies
    A little girl directing a little boy, with "The Suffragette" written beneath them
    A man taking care of children, captioned with, "Holding his own, ma's at the movies"
    "The man I marry must love and obey" writtn next to a woman and a nervous husband, with "The Womans World" and "The Gentleman's Home Journal" magazines on the floor

    29. Oppose woman suffrage, because who will wash the dishes and raise the babies?

    An anti-suffrage poster