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    "Taskmaster" Is The Funniest Show You’re Not Watching, And Here Are 17 Moments That Prove It

    "Do you know how I knew that you weren't an egg man? Because you opted to break into an egg with your mouth."

    On the British show Taskmaster, comedians complete outlandish tasks and get judged for the way they do it. Here are 17 of the show's best moments.

    The judge is comedian Greg Davies, who also has an "assistant," comedian/Taskmaster creator Alex Horne.

    1. When the task was to get a stuffed camel "through the smallest gap" and Mel Giedroyc nailed it.

    Mel Giedroyc says, "Get THIS camel, get this camel, GET this camel through the small—GET this camel through the smallest gap," and then she runs the camel through a Gab Kids slash Baby Gap
    Avalon Television

    2. When Mark Watson, and only Mark Watson, had to do a task that involved months of dedication.

    Mark Watson reads the task, "Send the Taskmaster an anonymous cheeky text message every single day for the next five months," then Greg reads, "Hey, sexy, this is the first of 150 messages, you're in for a treat," then Greg says, "12, 'I have a big dick'"
    Avalon Television

    3. When Romesh Ranganathan did something that would look impressive in reverse. (All of the following is sung.)

    Over footage of what he's singing, Romesh Ranganathan sings, "Tree Wizard, hands together, he creates a balloon, Tree Wizard, it's another balloon, Tree Wizard, holy shit, another balloon, Tree Wizard, flies up to his tree and waves goodbye to you"
    Avalon Television

    4. When Jessica Knappett asked a very important question.

    Jessica Knappett says, "How much does water weigh"
    Avalon Television

    5. When Joe Lycett, and only Joe Lycett, had to "smile at the camera with increasing enthusiasm every 30 seconds" during a task.

    Joe Lycett smiling at the camera three times
    Avalon Television

    6. When Daisy May Cooper got so furious at Richard Herring for not guessing her drawing was a hippo.

    Avalon Television

    7. When Doc Brown wasn't an egg man.

    Doc Brown tries to open an egg with his mouth and then says, "Not an egg man," and Greg says, "Do you know how I knew that you weren't an egg man, because you opted to break into an egg with your mouth"
    Avalon Television

    8. When a task involved keeping yourself from being seen by Alex, and Lou Sanders put herself in a bin.

    Lou Sanders is inside a bin, she says, "Will he notice me if I'm a bin," and then she runs
    Avalon Television

    9. When everyone was supposed to bring in the best bag, and Rose Matafeo really did.

    Rose Matafeo says, "I made a bag, crocheted a little bag, and it's the best bag 'cause I wrote 'best' on it, took me a while, do you know how many social engagements I had to deny to make that bag, none"
    Avalon Television

    10. When Josh Widdicombe, and only Josh Widdicombe, had to do some very tedious tasks.

    Josh Widdicombe gets the tasks, "Count the beans in a baked bean tin, your time starts now," "Count the hoops in this tin of spaghetti hoops," and, "Count the grains of rice in this bag of rice, your time starts now"
    Avalon Television

    11. When David Baddiel had to hide three aubergines/eggplants.

    The aubergine is obviously taped on top of a nose in a painting, Alex points at it, and it falls down
    Avalon Television

    12. When Lolly Adefope put the words "friendship is truth" into a scene she created for a task.

    Greg says, "What do you mean 'friendship is truth,'" and Lolly Adefope says, "Um, sort of, friendship is truth, truth is friendship"
    Avalon Television

    13. When Katherine Parkinson bagged herself like a Christmas tree.

    Katherine Parkinson puts herself though a Christmas tree wrapping machine
    Avalon Television

    14. When Rob Beckett created this "flag meal."

    Rob Beckett says, "Hello, got your flag dinner, konnichiwa," and we see his meal is a cracker in the middle of a piece of paper, meant to look like the Japanese flag
    Avalon Television

    15. And Paul Chowdhry created this one.

    Alex says, "It's meant to feature an eagle holding a serpent in its talon, perched on top of a prickly pear cactus," Greg says, "And what did you use to represent that," Paul Chowdhry, and we look at his very inaccurate Mexican flag
    Avalon Television

    16. When Liza Tarbuck made Alex sit on a cake.

    Liza Tarbuck says, "What I need is a cake and then I'm going to ask you to take yourself somewhere private, and put your bare ass into it," we see Alex's uncomfortable face while doing it, and then he says, "It was so in me"
    Avalon Television

    17. And, finally when Noel Fielding interpreted the task, "Camouflage yourself."

    A caravan with no clear Noel, Greg says, "Okay, I don't know, I don't know where Noel is," Alex says, "Let's have a look at where Noel is" and we see Noel Fielding has been photoshoped into a fruit bowl and everyone laughs
    Avalon Television

    There are so, so, so many more amazing Taskmaster moments, but I will leave you with these 17 gems! Now go watch some Taskmaster.

    Americans, much of the entire show is on YouTube.

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