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These FDA-Registered KN95 Masks May Be Exactly What You Need For Everyday Protection

When choosing a face mask, why not reach for one that offers a perfect balance of protection, durability, and comfort? Get 10% off your KN95 face mask from Hope Health Supply with promo code BUZZFEED.

Face masks: necessary, safe, and completely ubiquitous.

Person sits on train with mask

With so many options currently available, it can feel challenging to pick the perfect one.

Doctor speaks to patient with mask

That's why Hope Health Supply is here to offer one mask with a myriad benefits.

KN95 masks in the colors black and white

Available in packs of 15, 30, 60, and 90, Hope Health Supply's KN95 masks are FDA-registered, offer a five-layer active filtration barrier, and have been developed in accordance with industry standards.

Person at grocery store with KN95 mask

Lab-tested in the USA, these face masks deliver both safety and comfort at an affordable price.

Person sits in coffee shop with mask on

And because these masks are shipped from the US, stateside orders should be a breeze.

Two people stand side-by-side in an office while wearing masks

Now that you've heard the word on Hope Health Supply's KN95 face masks, snag your discount with code BUZZFEED here.

Person holds KN95 mask

Images courtesy of Hope Health Supply