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    Posted on Mar 3, 2015

    24 Reasons Why Living In St Andrews Is The Best Thing Ever.

    Whether you are just passing through as a student, or have called St Andrews home for over 50 years, there are so many things that contribute to the magic of this quaint little town.

    1. Because THIS is the gym.

    Visit Scotland / Via

    Who needs to spend time exercising within four walls when we have this wondrous beach on which to jog? And lucky us, we have three beaches to choose from!

    Tumblr / Via

    If the beauty of the beaches alone aren't enough to wow you, how about the fact that the famous beach running scene from the 1981 film Chariots of Fire was filmed at West Sands?

    2. We are surrounded by history.

    Think Outside the Box Inside The Box / Via

    Where else can you walk for a few hundred metres and see both castle and cathedral ruins?

    Monarch's House / Via

    Simply stunning.

    3. Because St Andrews has a world-class University.


    St Andrews University is consistently ranked highly in league tables, and it is one of the leading research institutions in Europe. It attracts thousands of students from all over the world each year, transforming this quaint little town into a melting pot of cultures.

    4. Royal Connections.

    The Mirror / Via

    Prince William called St Andrews "the best University in the world" when he returned, need I say more?

    US Magazine / Via

    St Andrews is also definitely responsible for little baby Prince George, right?

    5. The University buildings aren't too shabby either.


    Did I mention the fact students can live in basically a castle? St Andrews most definitely is Hogwarts.

    6. Because living in a small town has its perks.


    There is a high probability that you will bump into a friend, colleague or just someone you know while walking the streets of St Andrews. (Whether you want to or not).

    Tumblr / Via

    Although this may sometimes lead to awkward encounters with people who you may not remember, or want to remember. I did not need my Spanish lecturer to see me buying three bottles or wine tonight. The struggle is real.

    7. FOOD.

    8. Because it's not only the food which makes eating out in St Andrews a great experience.

    9. Because nowhere does nachos like The Whey Pat.

    10. Ice Cream

    11. Shopping.

    Top Drawer / Via

    If you're looking for high street chain stores or shopping centres, you're in the wrong place, but St Andrews has a great array of quirky independent gift shops. Top Drawer in South Street, has a great selection of gifts, most produced by local artists in Fife, if not Scotland! Along with other shops in St Andrews such as Bonkers and Embrace Life, Top Drawer has been nominated many times and has even been a finalist in the Greats Awards (Independent Gift Retailer of the Year). If you're looking for something different, or something to remind you of Scotland, you should definitely pop into Top Drawer. (And shopping locally supports local businesses, what's not to love?)

    12. Because brunch at The Cottage Kitchen is definitely the best way to start a Sunday.

    13. Because bonfires on the beach can be a part of ordinary life.

    Blogspot / Via

    Perhaps better suited to Spring or Summer rather than Winter, chilling on the beach with some friends around a bonfire is the perfect way to spend an evening.

    14. Because drinking a pint in Aikman's is probably the most chilled out thing ever.

    Cellar Bar / Via

    Aikman's Cellar Bar is a great little pub with a wide variety of beers and drinks to choose from, and is a great place for chilling with some friends or family. Not to mention it is right in the heart of the town.

    15. Golf

    Golf Vacations UK / Via

    A post about St Andrews would not be complete without mentioning one of St Andrews' most famous exports, it is of course the home of golf! The Old Course at St Andrews is perhaps the oldest and most iconic golf course in the world, having hosted tournaments such as the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship and The British Open, and celebrities such as Hugh Grant and Tim Henman have also played this famous course.

    16. Because CAKE.

    17. Because where else can you find such a great selection of wine in such a small place?

    18. Because St Andrews is not only beautiful in the Summer...

    19. But also in Winter.

    Flickr / Via

    So beautiful.

    20. Because this is the high street.

    21. Because the beauty of the harbour never fails to amaze.

    22. Because it's relatively safe.

    University of St Andrews / Via

    St Andrews is known to be a very safe place, and one of the safest places in Scotland! Although there is crime as in every city or town, instances of crime are lower compared to other cities in Scotland. It even features in The Sunday Times 'Best Places to Live in Britain'.

    23. Because you might actually fall in love with a book store.

    24. Because a St Andrews sunset never gets old.

    Stephen Thomson / Via

    Wherever you are in St Andrews when the sun is setting, it always seems to look beautiful. This little town certainly manages to capture our hearts. I'm dreading the day I must graduate and leave this magical place. I'm sure for many students, it will always feel like home.

    Hope Gaffney
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