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9 Things To Consider When Buying A Karaoke Machine

Are you interested in purchasing a karaoke machine? Looking at the different features can often confuse people and they are unable to figure out the ones that are important and those that are not. It can especially be complicated for people who are working on a budget and don’t have a lot of information about karaoke systems. There are several important factors that need to be considered by individuals when they are thinking of getting a karaoke machine for themselves. Here is a complete list that can be useful in making the right choice:

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1. Portability and Ease of Setup


Although most karaoke machines are easy to setup and come with manuals, it is still necessary to check that the machine doesn't have a long and complicated procedure. If you plan to carry your machine around with you then it is essential for you to find a portable karaoke machine. Most machines have to be disassembled and reassembled when people want to carry them around and this can be a bit time consuming. Buying one that can be easily packed and carried around in the car is a good choice.

2. Built-in Screen

This is a new feature that's typically offered by latest karaoke machine and they are usually 7 inches in size. Having a screen can be immensely beneficial as this means that people don't have to rely on a computer, TV or smart device monitor in order to see the lyrics. Some screens also have dedicated video and output jacks so the machines can still be hooked to a TV to take advantage of a bigger screen.

3. Video Camera


This option isn't offered by all karaoke machines as a camera lens is attached to the built-in screen of the machine. This allows the performers to see themselves when they are performing and singing a song. It is possible to adjust the focus of the camera, which can be rotated to capture the performance through several angles.

4. Recording Option

Most people want a karaoke machines that can record the song that has been performed. There is a USB port and SD card slot and these memory devices can be used for singing and recording. Typically, the machines having this feature also offer an instant playback option to see how the recording went. This feature is a boon for people because they can use the memory stick for copying the recording on their computer and burning it on a CD.

5. Karaoke Microphone

This is one of the most crucial accessories for karaoke machines. Simple home karaoke machines are only available with one microphone, but they do provide an input jack, which can be used for hooking up another one if needed. This option is mostly found in karaoke machines that are portable or designed for kids and are not very expensive. However, the second microphone doesn't come with the system and will have to be purchased separately if people wish to use it. If the machine has to be used by more than one member of the family, a second microphone can be great for singing duets.

6. Karaoke Speakers


Speakers are a very important building block of every karaoke machine. Output power and quality are the main parameters that need to be ascertained for purchasing the right set of speakers. Most karaoke systems that are designed for kids don't have an output power of more than 5 watts and home karaoke system have a maximum power of 10 watts. This is enough power when people just want to use the machines by themselves and not for parties. However, if people want to use these machines for outdoor parties and want higher quality, they should purchase systems that have a speaker jack.

7. AC Power and Batteries

AC adapters are provided with all karaoke machines, but people can buy some batteries if they want. They can allow them to use the machines when you take them somewhere and don't have your AC power at hand.

8. Karaoke Machine with Light

A very cute feature that's offered by some karaoke machines is that of a colorful disco light. This is especially great if you have young ones at home and it also adds a little color to the parties.

9. Voice and Sound Controls

Iarygin Andrii

Good and quality karaoke for all should always come with the option of auto voice control that allows the singer to mute the voice of a singer on the CD and let the music in the background play. Now people can start singing and their voice will replace the voice of the singer. This tool is very useful for practicing singing. Balance control allows people to adjust the voice of the lead singer to a lower or higher volume instead of muting it. Tone, pitch and echo control of a karaoke machine should also be judged.

As long as these features are found in a karaoke machine, it will be an excellent choice for you.

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