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15 Fantastic, Clearly-Explained Hula Hoop Tutorials To Improve Your Flow

Remember that trick you’ve been trying forever, but can’t seem to get? You can learn it in 10 minutes.

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1. How to Butt Hoop: Katie Emmitt

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Have you been desperately trying to butt-hoop, but think you don’t have enough junk in the trunk? Think again. Katie Emmitt gives an excellent explanation. For those struggling to learn this trendy trick, give this video a watch.

2. Jawbreaker Chest Roll: Michelle Reppert from Flow Jam Studios

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Want to shake up your chest rolls? Check out this tutorial from Flow Jam Studios and add some flow to your routine. Try the Jawbreaker Chest Roll now!

3. Arm Breaks: MissHoopdidoo / Via

MissHoopdidoo has some killer skills and shows them off on her instagram along with tutorials that teach a variety of skills clearly. Check out her arm break tutorial!

4. Breaks and Paddles: Sunny Daze

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Breaks and Paddles are hella popular right now. Perfect your skills with this awesome tutorial from Sunny Daze.

5. Shoulder and Chest Hooping: TanookiTwirls

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Watch TanookiTwirls teach you the best way to shoulder and chest hoop!

6. Pizza Toss: Hoopsmiles

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Hoopsmiles is a hoop legend. This video explains how to go from a pizza toss to the waist (without harming anyone within 20 feet of you). Pizza toss your way through your favorite summer festival here!

7. Folding Ghost Isolation: Dizzy Dynamic

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Explaining tricky isolation moves can be a challenge, but Dizzy Dynamic tackles it with grace and eage. Check out this Dizzy Dynamic tutorial!

8. Folding Neck Pass: Alisha Donnelly

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In this tutorial, Alisha Donnelly breaks down a folding neck pass sequence in a simply explained flow.

9. Leg/Knee Hooping: Lisa SparkGirl from Hiptronic Arts

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Need help "getting it up"? This How to Leg/Knee Hoop tutorial teaches you not only leg hooping, but also bringing it up from legs to waist, and down from waist to legs.

10. Escalators: Deanne Love

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Once you learn an escalator, the move can be addicting. Before you can make escalators feel like second nature, you have to learn the move. Hoopmaster Deanne Love’s tutorial taught me how to slay at escalators and she’ll teach you too.

11. Wedgie: Lindsay Bigham

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Give yourself the good kind of wedgie!

12. Waist Hooping: Laura Marie from Hooping Harmony

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Get the basics down with some waist hooping!

13. Doubles: 3 Beat Weave: Emma Kenna

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Been wanting to pick up some doubles? These last three tutorials are perfect to help you improve your double game. In the video above, Emma Kenna gives a thorough explanation on how to perfect a 3 beat weave with doubles.

14. Doubles: Together Forward CAPS: Jasmine Kienne

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CAPS (Continuous Assembly Pattern) are absolutely essential to learning doubles. Jasmine Kienne's tutorial will get you on the path to becoming a doubles professional.

15. Doubles: Iso Flower: Isopuppy

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Ready for something harder? Isopuppy’s Iso Flower is so beautiful it almost brings me to tears. Soon, you'll be able to make beautiful Iso Flowers too!

Happy Hooping!

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