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Family Of 9 Rescue Dogs Fills Sick Pit Bull's Last Days With Cooking & Singing

And lots and lots of love.

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Meet Moses, a rescue pit bull and star of YouTube series Life in the Dog House. Moses, aka Mr. Mo, was recently diagnosed with spinal cord cancer and given 4 weeks left to live.

In the meantime, Mr. Mo’s owners and 8 rescue dog siblings are doing everything they can to make sure his last days are filled with love, joy and fun.

Since his diagnosis, owners Chris and Mariesa play Aloe Blacc’s ‘The Man’ for Moses every morning when he gets up and every night before he goes to bed. In this video, the whole family joins in on the fun singing Mr. Mo’s personal fight song!

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One of Mr. Mo’s greatest talents is his cooking ability, which he confidently demonstrates in his doggy cooking show, Cooking with Mo. In his most recent segment, Mr. Mo whips up Puffy Buffet Bites for the entire family!

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Even though he’s a celeb in his own right, Moses is a big admirer of Ellen DeGeneres. In this video, he tells us why he wants to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

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