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    12 Foods In Queens Worth The Trip On The 7

    They are soooo worth it.

    1. Vernon Jackson Station: Ramen @ Mu Ramen

    2. Court Square: Comfort Food @ Sage General Store

    3. 46th st. Station: Turkish Pizzas @ Mangal Kabob

    4. 52nd st. Station: Filipino Cuisine @ Tito Rad's

    5. 61st st. Station: Papaya Salad @ SriPraPhai

    6. 74th st. Station: Samosas @ Sweets by Mumbai Grill

    7. 74th st. Station: Vegetarian Thali @ Lali Guras

    8. 82nd St. Station: Bandeja Tipica @ Pollos A La Brasa Mario

    9. 82nd st. Station: Bánh Mì @ JoJu

    10. 103rd st. Station: Tacos @ Tulcingo Restaurant

    11. Main st. Station: Wontons in Chili Oil @ White Bear

    12. Main st. Station: Dosas @ Ganesh Temple Canteen

    Now ride on, and eat everything in your sight!