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    12 Foods In Queens Worth The Trip On The 7

    They are soooo worth it.

    Via NYPL Digital Archive (background image only)

    So you need some convincing to drag your feet to the 7 train and take a trip on the local. (Yes, I said local.) No, the train doesn't have the most fantastic weekend service, but once you're on it, you'll soon discover you're missing a whole train line's worth of good eats. These joints are all in proximity to stops along the line, so hurry up and fill up that Metrocard.

    1. Vernon Jackson Station: Ramen @ Mu Ramen

    Carl K. / Via

    This ramen shop in Long Island City operates out of Bricktown Bagel during off hours. When I say off hours, I mean the hours at Mu Ramen are so off that they have varied from week to week, closed on certain days, reservation policies changing on a whim.

    But if you want a serious bowl of ramen that is everything you have ever wanted, look no further. The broths are fantastic, the noodles are dreamy. The joint got so popular that they're only operating whenever they can, letting their fans know through social media outlets.

    2. Court Square: Comfort Food @ Sage General Store

    Brendan T. / Via

    Whether you're homesick or just want to get cozy with a plate of sweet potatoes and chicken, you've come to the right place. Sage General Store serves up some of the best comfort food in the borough, and seriously, anything off the menu is amazing. Their jalapeno mac n' cheese paired with the homey decor will make any independent New Yorker miss home.

    (By the way, they have bacon chocolate chip brownies.)

    3. 46th st. Station: Turkish Pizzas @ Mangal Kabob

    Biscuit N Booze D. / Via


    Pizzas is pluralized because there are two kinds. They also have your mainstay pizza pie on the menu but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the pide and the lahmacun.

    They're both made in house. The first one, pide, is similar to a New York slice in texture -- chewy and crispy, except it's like a boat with the crust folded over. You have your pick of toppings from egg to Turkish sausage, minced meat, gyro pieces, or a mix of everything. These badboys hit the spot.

    Lahmacun is flat, about 8'' across, and an order usually comes with three. You stuff the middle with fresh parsley, tomato, onion, and a spritz of lemon. Wrap it up, and it's an awesomely refreshing take on pizza.

    4. 52nd st. Station: Filipino Cuisine @ Tito Rad's

    Chloe L. / Via

    If you've never had Filipino style fish, you need to get the Inihaw Na Panga -- grilled tuna jaw. It's a perfectly spiced, melt-in-your-mouth tuna with its own fragrant dipping sauce.

    This place is carnivore heaven (although the taro leaves cooked in coconut milk is something to talk about). Crispy pork legs, chicharon bulaklak (crackling intestines), ox tail stew... Tito Rad's does it all really well.

    5. 61st st. Station: Papaya Salad @ SriPraPhai

    Sara S. / Via

    Yeah, I know -- another Thai restaurant. Like there aren't a million in the other boroughs. But SriPraPhai is different because of one thing. Their papaya salad is more than just an appetizer. It's sweet, tangy, spicy, and you can order it vegetarian.

    It's like the person that you never noticed that suddenly got hot the last week of high school. You'll wonder why you've always skipped over it. But now that you have it, you couldn't care less about noodles.

    6. 74th st. Station: Samosas @ Sweets by Mumbai Grill


    They serve samosas up at the restaurant, but the best part about these puppies is that you can get them right next door where Mumbai Grill sells their sweets.

    They're piping hot, spicy, and crammed with potatoes and peas. They're two for a buck and you'll eat them both by the time you're done ogling all of the jewelry stores along the block.

    7. 74th st. Station: Vegetarian Thali @ Lali Guras

    Ryan R. / Via

    Thali is a variety of Himalayan/Nepalese dishes that's served on a big tray. The vegetarian version of this dish comes with a lentil soup with coriander pods, spicy potatoes, mustard greens, and a few other spicy sides.

    This tiny spot near the Roosevelt Avenue station fills up pretty quickly, but come hungry. For less than ten dollars, you'll have a variety of kickass vegetarian dishes to feast on. You thought you were full and done? Nope! The staff comes around and REFILLS it for you. You're welcome.

    8. 82nd St. Station: Bandeja Tipica @ Pollos A La Brasa Mario

    Luke L. / Via

    You should probably come here really, really, hungry... because the portions are ridiculous. However, it's nothing to complain about. Sit down and order a Bandeja Tipica, which is an huge platter literally overflowing with food. It includes steak, crispy fried pork rind, avocado, a sunny-side up egg, plantains, an arepa, rice and beans. The steak is under all the other stuff, I promise.

    Make sure you get a Postobon Manzana, which is apple flavored Colombian soda, to wash it all down. Then go lie down for the rest of the day, because you deserve it after you polished off that plate.

    9. 82nd st. Station: Bánh Mì @ JoJu


    Okay, so this bánh mì spot is actually closer to the R M stop at Grand Avenue, but it's still within walking distance of the 7, so it needed to be on this list. The Vietnamese sandwich shop finally emerged in Elmhurst as Queensians were yearning for the pickle and cilantro stuffed crispy baguettes to appear alongside phở at restaurants. They also serve all kinds of bubble tea and Vietnamese coffee.

    Order the lemongrass chicken bánh mì, or kimchi and bulgogi (grilled beef) bánh mì for a Korean kick.

    10. 103rd st. Station: Tacos @ Tulcingo Restaurant

    Marvin G. / Via

    There are a ton of authentic taco places in Corona, but what's special about the tacos at Tulcingo Restaurant are the ones that might sound kind of secondary to chicken or beef. Be a little adventurous and get the goat or tongue tacos for deep meaty flavors that mingle delightfully with the lime, creamy avocado, and radish. They're open pretty late, which is awesome.

    11. Main st. Station: Wontons in Chili Oil @ White Bear

    Kevin C. / Via

    Main Street has a mind boggling number of restaurants, all with their own special place in this overcrowded hub. Downtown Flushing is home to White Bear, a small, unassuming shop.

    Served on a styrofoam plate, wontons in chili oil are the most glorious wontons your taste buds will ever encounter. These orbs of goodness are filled with juicy meat and drizzed with a tingly hot oil - and the skin of the the wonton is just the right thickness and texture, not too gummy or too tough. Perfect.

    12. Main st. Station: Dosas @ Ganesh Temple Canteen

    David S. / Via

    You could take a short bus ride on the Q27 for these, but it's a food experience that you won't regret. You'll want to bring all of your friends to this underground spot. Literally. These dosas can be found in the basement level of The Hindu Temple Society of North America. It's open to the public, and they serve a variety of dosas in a cafeteria-like setting. The potato-filled crepes are fresh, pack some heat, and generally come with lentil stew and coconut chutney.

    Now ride on, and eat everything in your sight!

    Joe Buglewicz / Via