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11 Reasons To Keep Our Veterans Flying

Every year, Honor Flight hubs fly thousands of U.S. veterans to visit their memorials in Washington D.C. at no cost to the veteran. Here's why we must #KeepThemFlying, and how you can help us do it.

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1. Honor Flight is our way to give something back to the generation that gave so much...

To their families.

To their communities.

And to the world.

2. They’ve waited over 60 years for a hero’s welcome.

3. Nothing compares to their awe-inspiring reactions when they get to their memorial.

4. And the gratitude they express is simply remarkable.

5. Because younger generations can learn to appreciate the sacrifices our veterans make.

6. It reminds them that their courageous service mattered to our country.

7. It helps veterans open up about their experiences fighting overseas.

8. Honor Flight gives veterans the chance to reunite with the friends and comrades they thought they’d never see again.

9. Because 900 WWII veterans pass away every day, so there’s no time to waste to honor these brave men and women with a trip to their memorial.

10. Our veterans deserve to be treated like royalty.

11. Because for these veterans, every day is a bonus.

Help us make that bonus count. Purchase Honor Flight: A Visual Journey and your proceeds will be used to fund future Honor Flights and the construction of Fisher Houses, which provide free housing for injured veterans and their loved ones

Share this post using #KeepThemFlying to show your support for America's veterans.

Together, we can #KeepThemFlying.

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