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13 Winter Struggles That Are All Too Real

Ugh, how many more days 'til spring?!

1. Remembering you have to wake up even earlier just to warm up your car.

2. And to battle with the sheet of ice on your windshield.

3. Perfecting the art of bundling up with more layers, but still being able to move your all your limbs.

4. Painstakingly shoveling out your car, only to come back to someone taking up your parking spot.

5. Hanging out with this gem of a friend.

6. Losing an essential piece of winter clothing and coming to grips with having to buy another one.

7. Constantly wiping clear your foggy glasses.

8. Mastering the ability to not only walk on ice, but also being able to play it off when you inevitably do slip.

9. Accepting the fact that salt will always end up on all your clothes. ALWAYS!

10. Walking around with this annoying monstrosity:

11. Constantly cleaning up the small puddles left by the melting snow from your galoshes.

12. Living with the hairstyle that your beanie deems you worthy of.

13. That feeling you get when you see your first electric bill of the season.

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