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13 Pieces Of 90's Memorabilia You Didn't Know You Missed

Pop in your favorite volume of "Now That's What I Call Music" and go! Brought to you by Honey Nut Cheerios.

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1. A Spice Girls figurine

Not only did you have every Spice Girl, you had every version of every Spice Girl. There was normal version, Spice World version, Animal Print Crazy version, and whatever it was called when they all wore Union Jack clothing.

2. This Backstreet Boys board game

Honestly, it wasn't fair to play this with anyone else since your unmatched knowledge of the BSB back catalogue made everyone else look like Millenium wannabes. More like "Quit Playing Games With My Games," amirite?

4. This "Who Let The Dogs Out?" Sing and Swing novelty toy

Novelty is in the name, so you knew that when you bought this, it would never get old. You would love "Who Let The Dogs Out" until your dying breath. And, true to your word, the song rotates through your favorites playlist with a regularity that you would never admit.

5. N*Sync Hotline Fantasy Phone & CD-Rom Game*sync

You looked at this as basically a training manual for the time when Chris Kirkpatrick would accidentally call your number and you'd be like, "Hey, Chris. I'm super casual and not flustered because of N*SYNC hotline." IT COULD HAPPEN.