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14 Things We Learned About People From The 2016 National Honesty Index

How do you stack up?

Honest Tea was curious to see how the rest of the country felt about honesty, so they developed a social experiment to find out if people would pay for their beverages on the honor system if no one appeared to be watching. What they saw this year may surprise you...

1. First of all, they noticed that Americans are overwhelmingly honest.

2. And that women are always more honest than men.

3. They saw lots of girlfriends make their boyfriends behave better!

4. On the other hand, Honest Tea observers noted that people with beards are more honest than the national average.

5. In Boston, they saw that redheads paid for their tea more than anyone else.

6. In fact, things seem to be improving in Boston — their honesty rose 10% since 2015.

7. But in general, it seems like Southern states are more honest.

8. According to Honest Tea observers, Providence, Rhode Island; Seattle, Washington; and Denver, Colorado, are the least honest cities...

9. And they saw a woman in Denver take 15 teas without paying!

10. Speaking of grabbin' tea without puttin' down that cash, in some cities it seemed that the longer people loitered, the less likely they were to pay.

11. Honest Tea observers noted that Honolulu is the most honest city. 🌷

12. Pokémon Go players seemed generally honest.

13. And people with children almost always paid for their tea.

14. But one thing's for sure: Watch out for bald men in Philly.

All data provided by Honest Tea
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BuzzFeed wanted to see for ourselves just how honest New Yorkers were, so we set up a kiosk near our offices in Union Square. We’re pleased to report that New Yorkers are 93% honest — right in line with the national average.