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11 Of The Most Underappreciated Teen Movies From The '90s And Early '00s


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1. Drop Dead Gorgeous / Via

It's a movie you can't help but laugh at, even though you feel like you shouldn't be. Denise Richard's rendition of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" while dancing with Jesus on the crucifix will live on in pop culture history. I also just don't understand how Kirsten Dunst's terrible Midwestern accent went underappreciated.

2. The Hot Chick

yesfuckyes / Via

I'm just gonna go ahead and say what we're all thinking: this movie is way more quotable than Mean Girls. I mean..."Boys and Cheats and liars" alone is an iconic song/game for teenage girls in the early '00s. Seeing Rob Schneider as a teenage girl was one of my favorite memories from tweenhood.

3. John Tucker Must Die

theodysseyonline / Via

This is the epitome of what a Teen Movie should be. It has elements of all great teen movies: fuckboy Jock, awkward new girl, cheerleaders, nerds, and every other stereotypical character that makes a teen movie iconic. JTMD has great moral lessons, like how to always be yourself. But more importantly, it has Jesse Metcalfe, amirite?

4. Jawbreaker

InvisionFree / Via

This is original the Mean Girls. Rose McGowan as Courtney Shane is everything. I honestly thought this was how high school was going to be when I was younger, and have avoided jawbreakers at all costs.

5. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

blackcatsandcameras / Via

A movie about a girl meeting a boy at a rock show, and then going on an all-night adventure in New York City. This movie spoke to the indie girl in me on so many levels. Why wasn't this movie appreciated more?!! Also, I may be biased because I went through a Michael Cera phase (I have a snow globe with his face in it).

6. Girl Next Door / Via

I always thought Elisha Cuthbert was an underappreciated '00s hottie. She's a great actress, and her chemistry with Emile Hirsch are what Teen Movie dreams are made of.

7. Josie and the Pussycats

IMDB / Via

This movie came out when I was 9 and I made my mom buy me the soundtrack because I wanted to be a Punk Rock Prom Queen. Its filled with subtle jokes that I didn't get until I re-watched when I was older (Backdoor Lover anyone?) that are HILARIOUS now. With Rachael Leigh Cook (an early 2000s national treasure) as Josie, and its take on the music industry and boy bands at the time, this was the movie that made me the pop culture obsessed freak that I am today.

8. Sugar and Spice

yesiamarebelliousflower / Via

They made robbing a bank look so easy! The comedy in here is dark, but the quirkiness of each different character is what made this movie great. I totally wanted one of those Betty masks.

9. Accepted

campusriot / Via

How could you not want to go to the South Harmon Institute of Technology (SHIT for short)? Its how Jonah Hill got his start!! I had unrealistic expectations of college because of this damn movie.

10. Saved!

ifyoulikepinacoladas / Via

This may or may not be Mandy Moore's best work. When you mix teen pregnancy, religion, comedy, and the kid from Almost Famous, you get Saved!

11. Get Over It

moviefancentral / Via

There is nothing more random than Sisqo and Mila Kunis as an onscreen couple. This could only be possible in the 2000s. How can you not appreciate that?! Plus, Kirsten Dunst is just so damn cute.

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