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A Ranking Of The Most Important Degrassi Characters


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Degrassi was one of the most important television shows of my entire tween life. Unfortunately, it went downhill when Lakehurst arrived and everyone in the world stopped watching. This is a compilation of the most important characters pre-Lakehurst drama from worst to best. Not all characters are included on this list, because some I don't feel are relevant and do nothing for this show.

18. Liberty Van Zandt

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I mean it is pretty self-explanatory. She was just the absolute worst person on this show. She was annoying, tried way too hard, and was how JT put it: She was oatmeal. Liberty just needed to chill out. I still don't even understand how she managed to not only be with, but also got pregnant by JT. WTF Liberty, you suck. So done with you.

17. Rick Murray

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Hands down the creepiest guy in the world. Clearly there were some mental illness problems going on here, and he definitely needed help. First, he abuses poor Terri, and tries to control her. Then, he changed the course of Degrassi forever with the school shooting. HE PUT JIMMY IN A WHEELCHAIR DAMMIT. And on top of that, he DECIDED to come back to Degrassi after the whole Terri thing. Literally, the whole Degrassi shooting could have been avoided if he just DIDN'T GO BACK TO THE SCHOOL WHERE EVERYONE ALREADY HATES HIM.

16. Peter Stone

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The spawn of Satan. (Actually, Mrs. Hatzilakos). I never liked him based off of his first impression on the show when he videotaped Manny topless and blackmailed her by sending the video to the entire school. UGH. I mean, he helped Emma during the whole anorexia thing but then he set Sean up by putting weed in his locker and getting him kicked out. I was so done with him.


15. Ashley Kerwin

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Hahahaha I still laugh at when Jimmy said that to Ashley after the whole E thing in the summer. (Sidenote: her + Jimmy= worst Degrassi couple ever) But in all seriousness, Ashley has always had a stick up her ass. And then she took E and lost her friends. She lost even more points after hanging out with Ellie and deciding to become goth because of her. Ashley was a follower. She followed around Paige, then followed around Ellie. When she actually was her own person (the anti-Craig band movement) she was STILL annoying.

14. Toby Isaacs

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Talk about friend zoned for life. Although, he did have a girlfriend for a short period of time (Spinner's sister Kendra) and then kissed Liberty (ugh). He was Ashley's annoying little stepbrother, and Ashley was annoying, thus making him twice as annoying. But hey, at least he helped save Emma from her catfish internet boyfriend, and he was such a great BFF for JT. I felt pretty bad for him when JT died. :(

13. Jay Hogart

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Jay, Jay, Jay. Oh Jay. I loved him and hated him at the same time. You saw a lot of bad in him, but you also saw a lot of good. His one liners were probably the best I've ever heard in my all 13 years of life. His relationship with Manny was perfect. I will always love them together. BUT, he was the reason Rick went looking for Jimmy. And we can't forget when he gave Emma gonorrhea, a social disease.

12. Hazel Aden

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Hazel irked me for a few reasons. First, she was basically Paige's doormat the entirety of high school. However we do see her as an individual in that Breakfast Club-esque episode when she got stuck in detention. Next, she was ashamed of being Somalian and tried to pass off as Jamaican. Be true to yourself, girl. Then, she started acting really needy and annoying towards the end of her and Jimmy's relationship. And lastly, she was just way better in Cadet Kelly.


11. Craig Manning

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There is no denying how dreamy Craig Manning is. But, he is a beautiful disaster. I really liked him in the beginning, sympathized with his dad abusing him and being diagnosed as bipolar. His story was just a downward spiral. He was a talented musician, and really seemed like a good guy. But I was so mad when he two-timed Ashley and Manny. Actually, I was livid with him during his whole relationship with Manny. Girl put up with way too much. So did Ashley. But you couldn't help but feel sorry for him. He needed help and wasn't getting it.

10. Terri MacGregor

degrassinostalgia / Via

Girl was a baddie. She even had her own modeling contract. Sadly, she had really bad taste in guys and (sometimes) friends. Ashley was so rude to her even after Terri stuck by her side after the E incident. Paige purposely gets her drunk so she can make herself look stupid before a school dance because she was jealous Spinner had a thing for her. Her friends were haters. Her first boyfriend was a monster and she ended up in the hospital. She always got the short end of the stick but she was one of the best characters on the earlier seasons.

9. Emma Nelson

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I don't even know where to start with her. I guess I'll start with LOL REMEMBER WHEN SHE USED TO LOOK LIKE THAT ^^^. But I always found myself thinking "Ugh, shut up Emma." I wasn't too fond of her, but she was probably in the top 3 of hot messes on this show. Remember when she started her period? Her internet boyfriend? Being the center of the gonorrhea outbreak at the ravine? Anorexia? Pregnancy scares???? Being a target in a school shooting? Girl went through everything. So overwhelming. Also, how did she end up marrying Spinner? SERIOUSLY?

8. Paige Michalchuk

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Oh, hun. Paige was another love/hate character. Anyone remember Paige Michalchuk and the Sex Kittens (PMS)? She was the original Regina George and had the absolute best early '00 style. She had her fair share of trauma, and thankfully she progressively became more likeable as the seasons went on. I'm still devastated she and Spinner didn't end up together.


7. Jimmy Brooks

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Jimmy buying condoms at 13 will never not be funny. Yes, yes, we all know that Jimmy is Drake blah blah blah so funny right -_- Jimmy was a really cool guy. He stood up for Marco when everyone found out he was gay, he was always a sweet boyfriend, and even found compassion for Rick. He definitely didn't deserve to be in a wheelchair and his basketball dreams crushed. At least he found solace in art and we saw him rap a few times, a little taste of Aubrey Graham's future career.

6. Ellie Nash

indicaindigo / Via

Ellie was the coolest goth girl ever who didn't care what anyone thought. She was super cool. She had a huge thing for Marco until she found out he was gay, and still pretended to be his girlfriend. They still remained good friends after Degrassi which warmed by heart. Though we see a painful look into her life with her alcoholic mother and cutting. :(

5. Spinner Mason

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While everyone was in love with Craig or Sean, my heart fully and completely belonged to Spinner. He was a totally sweet boyfriend (most of the time) probably and went through the biggest hair evolution on the show (remember that horrendous emo hair?) He was super funny and had a totally adorbs bromance with Jimmy in the beginning, up until the school shooting. (It took me a while to forgive Spinner for being apart of that). His other biggest downfalls include dating Darcy and marrying Emma.

4. Marco Del Rossi

katherinesgifs / Via

This was the G.B.F I've always wanted. He kept his friends together, told it how it is, and had fabulous style. He had great friendships with Jimmy and Ellie who were awesome supporters while he was struggling on coming out. He was a pivotal character that showed more awareness to the LGBT community. Marco had such a good heart, and I loved him for that. I also thought he could have done way better than Dylan, Paige's brother.


3. Sean Cameron

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What are you doing Emma -_- Anyway, when I first ever saw Sean on Degrassi, my first thought was "Isn't that the brother from Model Behavior?" It was hard for me to picture him as the token bad boy. But, he was a bad boy with a heart of gold. He was a totally protective boyfriend over Emma and later Ellie, but I'm still so damn bitter he didn't end up with Emma. Sean was a misunderstood guy, but deep down was super sweet. And lets face it, he was smoking hot.

2. Manny Santos

letswatchdegrassi / Via

Manny effing Santos. She MADE Degrassi. If her transformation episode with that iconic blue thong didn't change your entire life, I don't know what will. She is who I aspired to be when I was 13. Cute and adorable in the beginning until she decided she wanted to be HOT, like Xtina and her Dirty days. Though she is probably the best character on this show, she did have her own low points, like all that drama with dating Craig, the video of her boobs being leaked, and well uh being considered the school slut. Still, she was a really good friend and a bad ass who almost whooped Paige's ass.

1. JT Yorke

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Did you really expect anyone else being #1????!!! Degrassi became nothing after JT. I honestly have no words to describe how awesome JT was and how the entire world was devastated after he died. RIP JT <3

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