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12 Everyday Feats That Feel Like Magic

Admit it: When you open a tough jar, you feel superhuman. Simple accomplishments can yield satisfying results. Take the Magic Seat® feature in the new Honda HR-V Crossover: incredibly easy to use, and the extra space you get is…magical.

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9. Finding your keys in your regrettably huge purse.

BuzzFeed / Tyler Naugle

Any doubts you had about this impractically huge purse with absolutely no organizational pockets or zippers VANISH into thin air. Until the next time you lose your keys, that is...

11. Taking a group photo without closing your eyes.

BuzzFeed / Tyler Naugle

You know, perhaps what your high school guidance counselor said was right: Maybe there IS a supermodel inside all of us, just looking for the right runway.

Ready for some more everyday magic?

Check out the Magic Seat® feature on the new Honda HR-V crossover. Just pull a switch, and your already-roomy ride becomes even roomier. Yep. It's magic.