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10 Cities With Split Personalities

The best things in life combine the best of both worlds. Entertainment and history, business and pleasure — these are the cities that have it all. And what better way to discover each one than in the multifunctional Honda HR-V Crossover? It's got the versatility of an SUV and the sleek style of a coupe.

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This art-world destination is the opposite of SoHo. 60 miles from the Mexican border (and 200 miles from the nearest airport), Marfa is equal parts Minimalism institution and star-blanketed, sleepy Texas town. Often, the two cultures combine in a beautiful way.

There are two vastly different universes on the island of Manhattan: uptown and downtown.

Although the days of authentic flower children are long gone, San Francisco is still synonymous with a laid-back attitude and a Free Love philosophy (take, for example, their globally acknowledged LGBTQ community). But, in addition to modern-day hippies, the city is also home to a burgeoning tech community. However buttoned up they may be, they're arguably just as progressive.

Half of the year, it's a wintry wonderland. The other half, you'll find its residents soaking up sun at the beach, where sapphire waters and palm trees (yes, palm trees) make it a real tropical oasis.

Williamsburg's economy relies heavily on tourism. The city's attractions are in stark contrast, though: amusement and water parks, and Colonial Williamsburg. Who would've guessed in 1632 (when Williamsburg was founded) that it would become home to Hubba Hubba Highway, a fast-moving action river with interactive water features?

A thriving urban area with world-class art and entertainment meets a scenic landscape with breathtaking views. Seattle is paradise for struggling musicians and outdoorsmen alike.

Very old money combines with the relatively new (thanks to the Bank of America headquarters) to create a wealthy upper class. What's the flip side of Charlotte? It's also home to some of the most fervent racing fans in the country (plus a hall of fame, to boot). But don't be fooled — the highbrow mansion dwellers and the down-home fans in the stands are often one in the same.

Miami is very good for two things: partying and retiring. While the younger set flocks here for a weekend away, spent at an outlandish resort or an art party like Art Basel, the more mature come here to stay.

A massive congregation of health nuts, juice fasters, and yogis nestled inside one of the most notoriously smoggy cities in the country? Yep, we must be in La La Land. But good news: The smog is actually getting better, thanks to heightened environmental awareness. See what happens when two cultures work together?

This hotbed of good old-fashioned country music history is also the top destination for new, indie music labels and bands.