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11 Benefits Of Being A Totally Accommodating Person

Being up for anything has its perks. Sure, your friends love you for your versatility, but it comes with its own secret upsides too. So stay on your accommodating A-game with the new Honda HR-V Crossover. It's up for anything!

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2. You're more interesting for it. / Via

Coming along for the ride whenever someone asks has made you a pretty worldly person. You're on a kickball team, you can play chess, you've seen plenty of foreign films, and you've gone to a BUNCH of weddings with your single friends. You've done it all.

6. Your mom has practically NOTHING to guilt you about.

Daniel Craig / CC by http://3.0 / Via

You're the only person you know who doesn't have a mom who calls with a daily guilt trip, because you literally do whatever she asks. You know meeting up with her old friend from high school who also lives in NYC (read: actually Yonkers) for lunch is an easy trade.

8. People trust you.


Friends come to you with their problems, looking for an ear or a little advice. Some may be overwhelmed by this, but not you. You take this opportunity to reflect on your own life. It's a win-win situation!

9. You're more qualified to run your company than the CEO...

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...because you're constantly covering for your co-workers when they're in a bind. You basically know every role in the company like the back of your hand.

A super-accommodating person deserves a car that gets it all right. The new Honda HR-V Crossover is as versatile and adventure ready as you are.