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10 Things That Will Happen On My Mountain Road Trip

Embrace every unexpected adventure this summer with the all-new HR-V Crossover from Honda.

1. [Name 0] and the gang hit the road and head for the hills.

2. [Name 2] has to use the bathroom 30 minutes into the trip.

The restroom key is bigger than they are.

3. [Name 0] hires a guide to float the car across a river.

You find out later you could’ve taken a bridge for free.

4. [Name 1] fully embraces the mountain lifestyle and grows a monstrously long beard overnight.

5. [Name 3] gets a semitruck driver to honk their horn.

The driver doesn’t stop honking for 10 minutes.

6. On your second day of camping, [Name 0] is adopted by a friendly pack of wolves.

7. [Name 2] trades their MP3 player to a hiker for “the world’s best granola.”

And it really was the world’s best granola.

8. [Name 1] discovers their favorite driving song is also the mating cry of the mighty mountain weasel.

9. [Name 3] wanders off a hiking trail and is sprayed by a skunk.

It takes two days before they get rid of the smell.

10. You finally reach your destination: X-Treme Sports Radical Fun Park!