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10 Things That Will Happen On My Big City Road Trip

Embrace every unexpected adventure this summer with the all-new HR-V Crossover from Honda.

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1. [Name 0] and the gang hit the highway, ready to conquer the metropolis.

2. [Name 2] falls in love with the voice from the GPS.

They decide to keep their relationship a secret for the duration of the trip.

3. You visit the biggest ball of used chewing gum in the United States. [Name 0] takes 35 selfies with it.

4. [Name 1] gets a bad case of the hiccups on the road.

5. You take a car ferry out to an island and get stranded at sea. [Name 0] gets seasick.

6. [Name 1] makes a cameo appearance on a morning talk show.

7. You stop at a hip coffee shop and [Name 3] knocks over a row of expensive fixed-gear bikes.

Thankfully, the bike messengers are friendly.

8. [Name 2] is discovered by a modeling agent and offered a job as a professional model.

9. You watch a baseball game from the cheap seats. A foul ball bounces off [Name 3]’s head.

10. You finally reach your ultimate destination: the coolest, most popular food cart in America.