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10 Things That Will Happen On My Big City Road Trip

Embrace every unexpected adventure this summer with the all-new HR-V Crossover from Honda.

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1. [Name 0] and the gang hit the highway, ready to conquer the metropolis.

2. [Name 3] has to use the bathroom 30 minutes into the trip.

The restroom key is bigger than they are.

3. You accidentally drive onto a parade route. [Name 2] becomes the grand marshal.

4. [Name 0] can’t remember where the car is parked. You all wander around looking for it for hours.

5. You watch a baseball game from the cheap seats. A foul ball bounces off [Name 1]’s head.

6. [Name 0] is discovered by a modeling agent and offered a job as a professional model.

7. You make a reservation at the most exclusive restaurant in town. [Name 2] doesn’t know what anything is on the menu and orders a cheeseburger.

8. [Name 3] makes a cameo appearance on a morning talk show.

9. [Name 1] befriends an eccentric billionaire. The billionaire helicopters you to an exclusive party at her penthouse apartment.

10. You finally reach your ultimate destination: the coolest, most popular food cart in America.