10 Things That Will Happen On My Big City Road Trip

Embrace every unexpected adventure this summer with the all-new HR-V Crossover from Honda.

1. and the gang hit the highway, ready to conquer the metropolis.

2. has to use the bathroom 30 minutes into the trip.

The restroom key is bigger than they are.

3. You accidentally drive onto a parade route. becomes the grand marshal.

4. can’t remember where the car is parked. You all wander around looking for it for hours.

5. You watch a baseball game from the cheap seats. A foul ball bounces off ’s head.

6. is discovered by a modeling agent and offered a job as a professional model.

7. You make a reservation at the most exclusive restaurant in town. doesn’t know what anything is on the menu and orders a cheeseburger.

8. makes a cameo appearance on a morning talk show.

9. befriends an eccentric billionaire. The billionaire helicopters you to an exclusive party at her penthouse apartment.

10. You finally reach your ultimate destination: the coolest, most popular food cart in America.

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