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10 Things That Will Happen On My Beach Road Trip

Embrace every unexpected adventure this summer with the all-new HR-V Crossover from Honda.

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1. [Name 0] and the gang hit the road. The sea is calling.

2. [Name 1] falls asleep 20 minutes into the trip. You turn up the stereo full blast to drown out the snoring.

And everyone pretends not to notice the drooling.

3. [Name 2], [Name 0], and [Name 3] all call shotgun at the same time. They have to settle it with a dance-off.

4. You decide to camp on the beach for the night. [Name 2] is adopted by a wild pack of surfers.

5. [Name 1] enters a sand castle contest.

Their creation wins the award for "Most Inspiring."

6. During low tide, you discover the lost city of Atlantis. [Name 0] falls in love with a mermaid.

7. [Name 3] finds an oyster containing a rare pearl.

You sell it and split $1 million.

8. You all enter a hot dog eating contest on the boardwalk. [Name 0] sets a new record by eating 42 hot dogs.

9. You get tattoos to remember the trip. [Name 1] gets a tattoo of the hot dog eating contest.

10. You finally reach your destination: the remains of a long-lost pirate ship.