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11 Things City Drivers Know To Be True

Not everyone fits in around the city. But when you're driving a Honda Fit, you'll never have trouble finding some room!

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1. One must set alarms to move one's car for street cleaning.


One's parking space is not safe Tues. & Thurs., 8 a.m.–noon.

2. Parking is an art form that few will master.

Not everyone has what it takes.

3. One will envy the bus lanes, but never get to use one.

Or risk the wrath of a city bus.

4. One will be too considerate of pedestrians.

5. But, one will literally have no time for bicycles.

"You have an entire lane to yourself! Why are you riding so slowly in front of my car?"

6. One will have a love-hate relationship with traffic.

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It will mostly be hate sprinkled with random voyeuristic moments of joy.

7. Unexpected tolls will be the absolute worst.

Here's to hoping the money cup holder has exact change.

8. One will travel miles for the privilege of drive-thru.

And will feel completely out of place the entire time.

9. One will know the magic of bridges and never appreciate it.

10. One must complain about how bad all the city drivers are...

11. ...whilst bragging about one's own mad driving skillz. / Via

You're just too cool.