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12 Reasons Your Car Is The Perfect Tent

It's like a little portable house. But it's not a motor home, so it's still considered camping. Try out the Honda Fit and throw away those old tent poles for good.

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Camping doesn't have to be so..., and dry, and completely uncomfortable.

1. You can get to that perfect spot without carrying a thing.

Just put the car in park and enjoy!

2. There is zero camp setup.

Just let the tent blow away.

3. You can keep everything charged.

And refrigerated!

4. You can blast your favorite tunes.

To the dismay of your campsite neighbors.

5. You can control the temperature to your liking.

6. You don't have to worry about leaks!

7. You can stargaze...

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In the comfort of your reclining seat.

8. ...without getting eaten alive.

9. Which means you can enjoy the smell of the campfire.

10. (Not the smell of bug spray.)

11. Basically you get to enjoy all the good stuff about camping...

12. ...without being so exposed to the bad.