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13 Oddball Things That Can Get You Pulled Over

Watch yourself, driver. One wrong move, and you're looking at a ticket. The Honda Fit looks great everywhere, except on the side of the road in front of a cop car.

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Courtesy of Honda

Many people think that they've got a solid 10-mph cushion before getting a cop's attention — not so. Every officer is different, but if you want to guarantee no ticket, no speeding for you.


OK, duh. This one is obvious. But it's the official reason you could get pulled over for doing makeup, eating, or changing pants while driving. There literally is no "safe speed" for doing any of those things.


Sometimes your car just isn't big enough to hold what you need. But no matter how much you convince yourself that it'll be fine, you're probably wrong in the eyes of a law enforcement officer. Get a moving truck, silly.


Making those tires screech sort of goes hand in hand with reckless driving behavior, right? Sure. But even if you do it by accident, look out. You might be in for a world of expensive hurt.

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