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    The 10 Most Popular How-To's Of 2013

    What kinds of DIY home improvement ideas caught America’s attention in 2013? Here's a countdown of Hometalk readers’ most viewed projects.

    10. Grease is Gross

    9. Hacking the Big-Box Find

    8. How Green is my Herb Spiral Garden

    7. Epsom Salt, the Mineral that Multitasks

    6. Taming the Savage Counter Clutter Beast

    5. Magical Mystery Jars

    4. *Quick* + *Easy* = *Clean, Clean* Blinds

    3. Reignite your Solar Lights

    2. News Flash! Toilet Cleaner Produces Cleaner Toilet

    1. It’s in the Bag

    And Here’s a Bonus: Most Shared

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