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    22 Awesome Door Upcycles

    TRENDING NOW: repurposing old doors. Vintage doors have charm and character. And transforming them into something new feels like a mini-miracle in your own home. Besides, it’s fun.

    1. When is a door not a door?

    Vintage Headboards / Via

    When it's a headboard, of course.

    2. Door of many colors

    Morena's Corner / Via

    Paint its glass panels in bright hues, then use the door as a gorgeous garden tabletop.

    3. Door to door / Via

    A rugged barn door plays an updated role in a bedroom entranceway.

    4. Screen play

    Far Above Rubies / Via

    Play with a good-looking screen door by embellishing it with burlap and a wreath ... then use it *inside* your home.

    5. It's always good to have a vintage door in your corner

    Designs by Studio C / Via

    Especially transformed into a space-saving set of shelves.

    6. Paint it black

    it all started with paint / Via

    Then use your new blackboard door as a family message center.

    7. Door-mant

    Reposhture Studio / Via

    Here's a door converted to a cozy bench for just sittin' and relaxin'.

    8. Doorway to delights

    Blue Roof Cabin / Via

    Exhibit favorite knickknacks in a door-turned-display-cabinet.

    9. Give new meaning to the term "screen doors"

    Not JUST a Housewife / Via

    These repurposed beauties work as a privacy screen to keep out pests of the human variety.

    10. No door is an island

    Blue Roof Cabin / Via

    Oops ... forget what we just said. Here's a kitchen island crafted from another venerable door.

    11. Isn't she lovely?

    Donna R / Via

    While technically it's a hall tree, this door deserves a spot in your heart for its lovely looks alone.

    12. Yeehaw! Round up all those stray scarves and jackets!

    The Modage Cottage / Via

    A rustic barn door morphed into a coat rack.

    13. “If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door” (Milton Berle)

    This (sorta) Old Life / Via

    Better yet, build a door coffee table.

    14. They do it with mirrors

    Pretty Handy Girl / Via

    Work a little magic to shape-shift a handsome door into a mirrored coat rack.

    15. The house that doors built

    Linda J / Via

    Look at this cute greenhouse, constructed from recycled doors and windows.

    16. A porch divided

    Far Above Rubies / Via

    This disused screen door frame finds new life as a porch divider.

    17. A door with swing

    aka design / Via

    A "same old same old" door turns into a hall table with pizzazz!

    18. Good fences make good neighbors ...

    Gail Aldridge / Via

    And good doors make good fences.

    19. You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression

    Gypsy Barn / Via

    But this front hall art piece will make a great impression on visitors.

    20. Get rid of the elephant in the living room.

    confessions of a craigslist junkie / Via

    A rustic door in the corner is much more decorative, and costs less to feed.

    21. Mirror, mirror on the door ...

    Meridian Road / Via

    Turn an old door into a mirror.

    22. And now for something completely different

    Soulstyle Interior Decorating & Home Staging / Via

    How about bucking the trend and turning a mirror into a door?

    TALK BACK TO HOMETALK: How would YOU upcycle an appealing old door like this one?

    ZAZZYZEE / Via