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    19 Insanely Clever Organizing Hacks

    Presenting wild and wonderful hacks that might actually make organizing your life a little bit fun.

    1. Transform Starbuck’s Frappuccino Bottles into Storage Jars.

    2. Stash Winter Gear in an Over-the-Door Shoe Holder.

    3. Build a Hanging Board out of Bent Spoons and Pallet Wood.

    4. Put Together the Look of Custom Built-ins from IKEA Shelves.

    5. Tuck Art Supplies into Salvaged Tin Cans.

    6. Use a Tension Rod to Tidy up under the Kitchen Sink.

    7. “Magnetize” Your Spice Jars for Handier Storage.

    8. Create a DIY Foil Holder Rack for Your Pantry Door.

    9. Display Crafting Materials on a Convenient Pegboard.

    10. Arrange Pantry Items in Neat ‘n’ Tidy Baskets.

    11. Hang Cosmetics Right on the Bathroom Wall.

    12. Build a DIY Garage Organizer and Save $$.

    13. Turn a Discarded Dresser into a Sewing Desk with Shelves A-Plenty.

    14. Revive Empty Folgers Coffee Containers as Funky Kitchen Canisters.

    15. Construct Space-Saving Storage Bins – and Put Them on Wheels.

    16. Cast Your Mason Jars in the Role of Individual Tooth Care Holders.

    17. Craft Charming Shelves from Baskets.

    18. Take Your Equipment Everywhere on a DIY Portable Tool Caddy.

    19. Add a Business-Like Atmosphere to Your Home Office with Upcycled Water Skis

    READERS: Which one is your favorite?