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    18 Interior Design Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

    Sometimes you just want to stare into the lives of people that have better taste than you. Here are 18 perfect interior design Instagrams to satiate your inspiration needs.

    1. Homepolish

    Via Instagram: @homepolish

    You aren’t surprised that we’re on here (we wrote the article) but our Instagram really is AMAZING. Look at it. Really.

    2. Design Sponge

    Via Instagram: @designsponge

    The mecca of DIY design stuff.

    3. Domino Mag

    Via Instagram: @dominomag

    Swoon-worthy interiors and some shots of delicious food for good measure.

    4. Em Henderson

    Via Instagram: @em_henderson

    Design Queen Emily Henderson will change your daily Instagram scroll forever! Babies and vignettes abound.

    5. The Everygirl

    Via Instagram: @theeverygirl_

    In their words, “the life map for Everygirls everywhere.” Basically: really pretty stuff all the time.

    6. SF Girl By Bay

    Via Instagram: @sfgirlbybay

    It’s like she lives in a snow globe filled with flower petals, sunshine and best friends eating fresh fruit.

    7. Orlando Soria

    Via Instagram: @hommemakerblog

    If you like clever and hilarious people with good taste then you’re probably already following Orlando (Homepolish’s West Coast Creative Director, NBD).

    8. Designlovefest

    Via Instagram: @designlovefest

    Bri has a penchant for pink and she knows how to use it.

    9. Emily Katz

    Via Instagram: @emily_katz

    Do you know Emily? She’s a macramé wizard. Plant holders, hammocks, nap benches: She can do it all and she does it well.

    10. Ashlae W.

    Via Instagram: @Ohladycakes

    Okay, technically Ohladycakes is a food instagram but the places where she makes the food are so pretty we tossed her in (like a pinch of salt…?).

    11. Candice Lee

    Via Instagram: @ohfoxcreative

    Candice has amazing taste and you can have amazing taste too because she sells the beautiful stuff she finds! Personally, we have a newfound appreciation for wicker peacock chairs.

    12. Homestead Seattle

    Via Instagram: @homesteadseattle

    Beautiful trunks, leather tufted couches and mid-century drafting tables are perfectly styled and all FOR SALE. Need we say more? Go follow, please.

    13. Tessa Neustadt

    Via Instagram: @tessaneustadt

    An amazing photographer, Tessa has an adorable puppy named Olive, great taste and shoots most of the Homepolish LA projects! Like this Beach House.

    14. Nickey Kehoe

    Via Instagram: @nickeykehoe

    Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe have built a mini design empire out of their shared excellent taste.

    15. Elana Frankel

    Via Instagram: @elanafrankel

    If you’re really in the market for vicarious living, this is the account for you.

    16. Ilenia Martini

    Via Instagram: @ilemartini

    A cute photographer in Berlin with an eye for quirky interiors. Color and coffee with great filters.

    17. Tappan Collective

    Via Instagram: @tappancollective

    Do you like art? Do you like emerging talent? Do you like rad interiors and aspirational lifestyles? Tappan Collective has all of the above.

    18. The Selby

    Via Instagram: @theselby

    This one is the creme de la creme of voyeurism: cool influencer’s homes photographed down to the minutiae and clever questions answered in the owner’s own handwriting.